Frantic Planet: Volume II update

What’s going on, you big bastard?

Well, Frantic Planet: Volume II is officially finished, I’m just waiting for it to show up on the retail sites before announcing it or promoting it anywhere. As of now, you can’t even pre-order it on Amazon, but at some point – maybe tomorrow, maybe next month – it’ll just be there, and we can all go nuts. Until then, why not keep yourself amused with this blog?

There will be a brand new website devoted to both books, with excerpts and all the relevant info, and that’ll go up as soon as Volume II is officially available. I’ll also be posting 140 character microcerpts on Twitter, from @franticplanet

How does Volume II compare to the first one?

For a start, it’s bigger, much bigger. The wordcount is almost exactly 50% higher, and barring any unforseen price japery from retailers or the publisher, the 300 pages of Volume II will actually be cheaper than the 196 page Volume I, at £9.99, which is roughly $16. Volume II is still divided into three parts, and this time around, has much more emphasis on the longer, more in depth stuff. Parts 1 & 3 are novella length, with the middle section shorter stories that tie in thematically.

The intention of the first one was to write a quick, entertaining book that you could read, say, while on the terlet. Volume II is me aiming higher than bathrooms.

That’s not to say Volume I isn’t any good, you should totally read it, but if you liked the first one, the second one will blow yo’ mind. Think of Frantic Planet: Volume I as a (pretty great) demo tape, while Volume II is the double album that fulfills all the promise of the demo, and evolves into a deeper, better crafted sound. Oh yeah, I’m pretentious now.

Do I need to have read Volume I to understand Volume II?

Nope, they are both separate entities, and not having read the first won’t affect your enjoyment or understanding. That said, for those who have read Frantic Planet V1, Volume II contains an extra layer that the FP virgins won’t get, that’ll make you feel like the member of a supersecret elite club for cool guys.

Got a synopsis, you bell?


“After a terrorist attack on the capital leaves a wounded nation unified in panic and collectively grieving for an infant killed in the blast, one man finds his own special way of coping with a sudden growing sense of isolation. Meanwhile, a disparate group of damaged D-listers undertake a last-ditch journey to reinvent themselves and shake loose the labels that define them. Millard’s follow-up to 2006’s first volume is a book of fame and identity, obsession and social shame, and of broken people who feel increasingly further away in a world that grows smaller each day.”

~ by Stuart on June 10, 2009.

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