Summer of Savile – Day 1: The Broken Miner

Many extracts need no commentary. Let us bask in their majesty, leaving the purity of the moment untainted by words.

‘Hello,’ says I.

‘Hello Jimmy,’ says he.

I look at his crushed legs. The consultant makes his preparations and watches me with one eye. The man’s bent legs, bent the wrong way, must be straightened first. Speed is the essence. Knowing it to be right, I hold the miner’s face in my two hands.

Fucking hell.

~ by Stuart on June 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Summer of Savile – Day 1: The Broken Miner”

  1. dude, that’s almost biblical…

  2. Wait until I get to the Asgardian stuff.

  3. […] Day 1 – The Broken Miner […]

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