Summer of Savile – Day 7: Biomechanical Fetishism

Wherein, TV’s Jimmy Savile is apparently redesigned by H. R. Giger.

It must have been an arresting scene, me sitting there with a great tube coming from the top of my head.

One can only assume the Jim’ll Fix It magic chair had legs made out of a giant alien’s metal dick and a seat with a vag shaped like a spaceship.

“Now then, now then, you might notice, boys and girls, that I’m encased within a bony exoskeleton, with a phallic looking pipe that feeds my own bodily waste directly back into my throat, as it ‘appens, and instead of nipples, dear Jim has two enormous clitorises, each with faces that are contorted in sexual agony. Right queer it is, says I. Now this next letter is from a young man in Bognor Regis…”


~ by Stuart on July 6, 2009.

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