Frantic Planet Volume II and FAQ

Phew, it’s about time. First up, some purchase information. That’s followed with everything you could possibly need to know.

You can buy Frantic Planet: Volume II at the following locations, with more to follow:

UK:, Waterstones

United States:

Amazon’s delivery time will probably drop to 24 hours once they get more orders and get a bunch of stock in.

Or, for either country, The postage isn’t free, but I get way more money if you buy from here.

The revamped Frantic Planet dot com is also live, go check it out here.

Follow me on Twitter for 140 character microcerpts (search the Twitter hashtag #fp2) –

The Frantic Planet Facebook group can be found by clicking here

Volume I is of course still available, and for more information, including more ways to purchase both volumes, check or the FAQ thread below.


Frantic Planet? What’s that?? Is that some kind of Sci-Fi thing? I hate Sci-Fi!

No, not Sci-Fi. The title – especially when combined with the robot of Volume I‘s cover – may be slightly deceptive in that respect. Not that SF is bad, but I don’t want anyone to be misrepresented. The Frantic Planet books are collections of short stories (36 in Volume I, 10 in Volume II) which fall into the genre of Transgressive Fiction. If that sounds wildly pretentious, think of stuff like Fight Club or American Psycho, but funnelled through Chris Morris’s Blue Jam. It’s not a great description, but it’s hard comparing your work to other peoples’ without sounding like a tosser. Just read it and see for yourself, or check out the extracts on the website, or the reviews on Amazon.

I have read Volume I, how does Volume II compare?

For a start, it’s much bigger. The word-count is almost exactly 50% higher. As with the first one, Volume II is divided into three parts, but this time around, has much more emphasis on the longer, more in depth stuff, with barely any sub-1000 word Flash Fiction. Parts 1 & 3 are novella length, with the middle section comprised of shorter stories that tie in thematically.

The intention of the first one was to write a quick, entertaining book that you could read, say, while on the terlet or trapped under an avalanche. Volume II is me aiming higher than bathrooms. That’s not to say Volume I isn’t pretty fantastic, you should totally read that too, but if you did like the first one, the second one will blow yo’ mind.

I haven’t read Volume I, will I be able to understand Volume II?

Absolutely. They are both completely separate entities, and not having read the first won’t affect your enjoyment or understanding of Volume II. That said, for those who have read the first Frantic Planet, Volume II contains an extra layer that the FP virgins won’t get, which will make you feel like the member of a supersecret elite club for cool guys and girls.

These sound like the most amazing books EVER, where can I buy them?

Check out the ‘Purchase’ links on Frantic Planet dot com for all the information you need.

Volume I is up wherever books are sold, while Volume II can currently be found on Amazon and Waterstones, with following shortly. Both can also be purchased directly from, or by bellowing the relevant ISBN numbers into the astonished face of the person behind the counter of your local bookstore.

What else? Aren’t you done talking yet??

Not quite! Consider your one-stop for Frantic Planet related information to be Frantic Planet Dot Com while any news or updates will be posted this self-same blog, which will be updated more regularly. There’s also my Twitter account, and if you need to reach me in person, my contact details can be found on the website, under ‘Author.’

How can I help you sell many copies and become wildly successful? Will that shut you up?

Spread the word, yo. Tell your friends. If you enjoy the books, recommend them. Write me up a review on Amazon, no matter what you thought. If you have Facebook friends who like reading, invite them to the group. There’s no way it can be as annoying as those LivingSocial surveys about your top 5 scenes where Ian Beale cried, so do iiiiiiiiit. If you’re on Twitter and dig my extracts, recommend me to your followers. The quicker I’m a celebrated icon of literature, the quicker I’ll shut up and we can all get on with our lives.

(The Summer of Savile will return shortly)

~ by Stuart on July 18, 2009.

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