Frantic Planet: Volume II September update

Hello you.

Volume II has been out for about six weeks now, so I figure I’m due an update on here. The biggest news for for Brits is the long awaited appearance of Volume II on, so if you’re one of those people who just doesn’t trust Amazon, or who boycotts the site because they sell DVDs starring Jews and men who lay with other men, you’ve got no excuse now, mum.

And now, some stuff that Vernon Kay or Patrick ‘Fucking’ Kielty might describe as “fully interactive!”

* If there are any bloggers or reviewers out there who’d like a copy of either Volume I or Volume II for review purposes, or if anyone is interested in an interview, then contact me via the contact page of Frantic Planet dot com and we’ll set something up.
* If you’ve read either volume, I can’t overemphasise how helpful it is for you to leave a review and a star rating up on Amazon (.com or Doesn’t have to be long, or wildly gushing praise, a couple of honest lines will do, and I’d be ever so grateful, guvnor.
* If any of you work in independant bookstores, comicbook stores or libraries and can get either volume in stock, get in touch and I will shower you with praise.
* Tell your friends, spread the word. Lets be honest, I’m doing this on my own. I’ve got no publisher or agent pushing this for me, and I’m short the enormous bank balance that would enable me to carve the website url onto the surface of the moon with a giant laser, so I’m pretty heavily reliant on word of mouth. Presumably most, if not all of you, have mouths (or fingers, which are like the mouths of the 21st century), so if you’ve enjoyed the Frantic Planets, let people know about it.

The first two chapters of the first story are now available to read on

The Facebook group is here, if you want to join.

I know this is a pretty dull all-business blog, but the wanton Jimmy Savile entries will return imminently. While the summer is over, the Summer of Savile is an event of such majesty that it brushes off the changing of the seasons like so many accusations of fiddling with the dead.


~ by Stuart on September 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Frantic Planet: Volume II September update”

  1. If fingers are the new mouths, that puts a new complexion on the numerous fishhookings I have been receiving.

  2. I boycott Amazon because it sells DVDs that involve fishhooking.

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