Summer of Savile – Day 21: Well Random

If you are confused, Days 0-20 are lying in wait here.

You know what’s funny? Random stuff! Yeah, the students love that, on their buses and trains, being well random. Like this one time this random bloke just stood up and made a noise like a lion, it were well random and mad! Me and Fishy Shell just couldn’t stop laughing! Most of the blame must be shouldered by these three modern kings of comedy.

* Noel Fielding – Nosferatu in a wig that was styled by a blind man, Noel is the mad, crazy hipster jester of RANDOMLY coming up with crazy RANDOM things like a house made of talking apples called Ian, or a cat that farted out a baby ghost.

* Ross Noble – master of improvisation waffling on for ages and ages about “ooh, imagine if a monkey just roller-skated in here, its little legs would be all like *mimes clumsy skating monkey*” When in need of content, substitute animal references for jokes (see also Bill “weasels LOL!” Bailey).

* Russell Howard, whose entire body of work can be summed up thusly:  “Imagine if Stephen Hawkings was a Transformer, how mad would that be??”

Old news, my friends. Jimmy Savile was blowing the minds of squares before you guys had even played with the Evel Knievel toy you never even had in the first place. What’s more, he didn’t need to make this wacky shit up, he was just recanting the stuff he encountered in his regular, everyday life, without batting an eyelid.

Newspaper fastened round his legs…

Up you, Fielding!

Breezing into the dining car, my tartan hair so startled one of the customers that his pre-dinner drink went down the wrong ‘ole.

Go ski down my cock, Noble!

Driving down an icy road one winter, I noticed a sports car up a tree.

Do one, Howard! And yes, I do remember Boglins, as it goes. What of it?

While clearly a keen admirer of the Rule of Three, Jimmy even understood the comedy of lists.

A roman legionaire’s outfit with the S.P.Q.R. Standard in one hand and a mike in the other; a suit of real bananas; kaftans before they were even called kaftans; hats with lights on, and pointed shoes over a foot long.

We shall soon learn that Jimmy Savile was also well versed in the art of slapstick, so think on that the next time you decide to laugh really hard at Frankie Boyle saying something shocking like “paedophile!” or “Prescott’s fat belly!” and looking really pleased with himself.

~ by Stuart on October 21, 2009.

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