Summer of Savile – Day 24: Jimmy Defined – Part II

Days 0-23

Onward we march, into the fires, clutching to our chests the armour of ten thousand rejected letters, postmark prison tattoos bearing 1970s and BBC Centre, as though we can find protection behind the crumpled lines and crumpled dreams. We can’t.

Jimmy Savile…

was the original Nature Boy.

Complete with dark glasses I looked the picture of this year’s playboy. Needless to say he didn’t recognise me and, when he did, was speechless with the picture of such opulence belonging to a relative. The luxury of my dance hall and office stunned him even further.

supports the armed forces.

“Would you consider opening our Air Day at Brawdy?” Thus spake the clean-cut guy in the sergeants’ mess at the Royal Marines, Lympstone training centre.

never fails to imbue a story that, in lesser hands wouldn’t even amount to half an anecdote, with a powerful Shakespearian majesty.

One knight of the road with an involuntary muscular action sent a mouthful of tea up his nose instead of down his gullet and the surprised fluid cascaded down his nostrils back into his mug. All conversations drained away to a silence.

has lived the life of a Roman Emperor.

There were several faintings and a claustrophobic hysteric, during which time I was standing on a chair, signing autographs and being fork fed by a local lovely as it was impossible to work knife, fork and pen.

is blessed.

By a drunken miracle he has scored a bull’s eye and the lighted end has gone in my mouth with no damage en route.

is at home in the company of the upper classes as he is with scum.

Amongst various cries of conjecture was a classic from one member of the House who exclaimed ‘Good Lord, he’s got her by the tits!’ All was eventually sorted out, but as it usual vastly misunderstood by most.

is frightening.

The steel corset was only needed for the odd hour and my sticks had been relegated to the hallstand.

*bursts into tears*

By now the Duchess had assumed an angle of 45 degrees, from the realization that it was all true, and Joe, normally slightly stooped, was almost bent double. Even for me it was a bit of a physical marathon.

~ by Stuart on October 27, 2009.

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