WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs

Those of us who were wrestling fans in the late eighties remember these, right? I dug them out and scanned a few in. This is the most famous one.

But there were others.

They even produced one that was specifically targetted at their female fanbase.

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~ by Stuart on March 14, 2011.

12 Responses to “WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs”

  1. Dying right now.

  2. 5*

  3. Haha, great stuff as always.

  4. The Ultimate Warrior’s message is a little too vague.

  5. […] WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs […]

  6. […] WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs […]

  7. […] WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs […]

  8. […] WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs […]

  9. […] like are an early dissection of Bray Wyatt’s character, an obit of the Ultimate Warrior, and the anti-masturbation PSAs WWF Magazine definitely put out in the 80s. Plus Andre the Giant wearing ladies bras as […]

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