WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs

Those of us who were wrestling fans in the late eighties remember these, right? I dug them out and scanned a few in. This is the most famous one.

But there were others.

They even produced one that was specifically targetted at their female fanbase.

If you dug this, check out my new Patreon, which will feature a bunch of wrestling stuff, and plenty of Hogan content, like this one about No Holds Barred and Zeus.

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~ by Stuart on March 14, 2011.

12 Responses to “WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs”

  1. Dying right now.

  2. 5*

  3. Haha, great stuff as always.

  4. The Ultimate Warrior’s message is a little too vague.

  5. […] WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs […]

  6. […] WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs […]

  7. […] WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs […]

  8. […] WWF Magazine’s Anti-Masturbation PSAs […]

  9. […] like are an early dissection of Bray Wyatt’s character, an obit of the Ultimate Warrior, and the anti-masturbation PSAs WWF Magazine definitely put out in the 80s. Plus Andre the Giant wearing ladies bras as […]

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