Where’s Wallace?

Lately I’ve been rewatching The Wire, aka my 4th greatest show of the previous decade. If you haven’t seen it, you’re a disgrace, and I want you off my blog, right now. I’m not kidding, GTFO. If you have, then surely you were thinking the exact same thing in the aftermath of this amazing scene.

Click for bigger. Because he is in there, somewhere.


~ by Stuart on April 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “Where’s Wallace?”

  1. the game done changed

  2. I’m so sick of people talking up the wire that even if I wanted to watch it (I do not) I wouldn’t just to spite them.

  3. […] absence of Quiz Night Goleta’s Patron Saint, prompting nearly everybody to ask “Where’s Dylan?” when they walked into the room. It seemed to be a pertinent question, especially when Team […]

  4. […] good superhero movie of the year was Chronicle, which finally answered the question of “Yo, String? Where Wallace at?!”, but I am a sucker for found footage movies, and I won’t even begin to tire of them until […]

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