Kindle Planet

Yes, I’ve finally evolved from a medieval peasant-type author, reeking of plague-sores and stale dung and dealing only in archaic paper and grotty stuff you have to actually touch with your fingers, into a modern 2011 spaceman author from Mars who pimps literary wares that don’t even physically exist. That’s right, I’m finally on the Kindle.

Both books are now available for immediate reading from and, and seeing as we’re in the empty-bellied austerity years, both are pleasingly affordable in a way you can’t even make excuses for if you’re an actual beggar. Seriously, stop shaking that tin, I don’t buy it.

Here’s the e-pricing.

Volume I, UK: £2.09

Volume II, UK: £3.50

Volume I, US: $2.99

Volume II, US: $4.99

I mean, a medium sized bottle of tap water in London is, what, a thousand pounds?

As far as the books go, Volume I is a little more raw, but still awesome, while Volume II is light years ahead of that (and 50% longer), so, really pretty super awesome, so I’d totally advise you checking both out. A website update regarding all this is coming real soon, but for now, for samples of both and information about the oldschool hard copies, check out Just hit my author name in Amazon to read reviews of both of the printed copies, although there are more reviews on the UK site.

If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon’s free Kindle for PC app is a pretty nifty way of wasting time at work by reading. I guess you could probably buy other people’s books to read on it too, if you wanted.

Once again, those links: – Frantic Planet: Volume I – Frantic Planet: Volume II – Frantic Planet: Volume I – Frantic Planet: Volume II

Have at it.

~ by Stuart on June 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Kindle Planet”

  1. A thousand quid? For a bottle of water?

    Try Abbot Ale. Whole lot cheaper and so much more satisfying.

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