You’d Buy That For (less than) a Dollar

This is a Kindle exclusive, and available for download right this very second. There are twenty four stories in there. And you know the best part? It’s only 99 cents (71 pence for jaunty-wristed Brits like myself) That’s the price of a can of Coke, or an iPhone app that remixes your own farts that you use once and never touch again, which is the sort of thing you probably love.

Here are the purchase links, where you’ll also find the blurb and that.

(And yeah it’s mostly stuff that used to be on the blog, but trust me, I’ve seen all the hit stats. The amount of people who can legitimately complain “Oh, I’ve read all these! Do something new, you lazy bollock!” could get trapped in a lift together and still have enough room for a game of Twister. Go stand over there with all the wretches who said they’d definitely buy the Frantic Planets, if only they were available on the Kindle, and who’ve spent the last fortnight innocently whistling and trying not to catch my eye. Besides, I know this is the internet and we feel like everything should always be free, but I’m not Lars fucking Ulrich, endlessly blogging free shit from my rockstar mansion. And anyway, it’s nice to have it all as a book ain’t it?)

If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon have a free Kindle app for PC/Mac/iPad/phones and so on, and the short flash fiction is actually perfect for the phone. If you’re not willing to drop $0.99 or £0.71 on this, you might as well take a picture of yourself with a post-it note stuck to your head telling me to go fuck a cup of old teeth, and be done with it. Besides, between you and me, it’s probably the greatest little book ever written, and a nice teaser for the full length stuff that’s a few pennies more.

Alright, go get ’em, champ!


~ by Stuart on June 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “You’d Buy That For (less than) a Dollar”

  1. Nice work etc. well done.

    I don’t get the dance-step motif though. I feel like I’m missing a joke. Enlighten a poor dufus?

  2. Olly Murs and Saul Zaentz, whut?

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