Jimmy Savile and David Icke – All the Pieces Matter

Long-time readers will remember my dissection of Jimmy Savile’s disturbingly rapey 1974 autobiography, Love is an Uphill Thing, and those of us who survived that journey aren’t exactly bowled over by the revelations that the screeching, schoolgirl-obsessed scarecrow-man was the world’s most prolific paedophile, haunting the highways, byways, and television centres like a predatory Jack Kerouac, seeking only the freedom to be left alone in a room with an under-age girl, while wearing tear-away tracksuit bottoms.

Another of my fascinations, and one that I’ve written about before, is with those wacky, mentally unbalanced conspiracy types, who think the moon is a giant spaceship filled with lizards, and that the Jews are behind everything bad, cackling into piles of our money with fresh baby’s blood around their big Jewish beards. But as much as I mock, they’ve always maintained the notion that every celebrity, policeman and politician is part of one great big paedo ring jamboree. Could it be, they’re onto something? With a hundred new Savile news articles a day, I needed a source that could dig through this mess to the underlying truth, so, it was off to the David Icke forums to see what the members there have to say, and to become enlightened.

Open minds please, sheeple, and let’s put on our best Lightworker hats and get to the truth. Icke forum quotes are in yellow, with [sic] all the way through.

It’s sickening. They need to get to the root cause of this: the freemasons. But they won’t because they’re all in on it.

Here we go. The Masons. I suspected it wouldn’t take long for them to crop up, as they’re in on everything.

very provocative cover of the Times Literary Supplement dated 12/10/12 for anyone interested.

Said cover. Eh? Eh?!

Savile is a Jewish surname.

Again, not a terrific shock. Anyone who follows truth-seeker forums, and those four hour documentaries on Youtube that you have to be permanently unemployable to sit through knows how everyone involved in the conspiracy scene is a huge Anti-Semite that the tricksy Jews are the ones running the show.

While not, apparently, religiously Jewish, it is more than feasible that Savile was ancestrally Jewish. That is, he was of the Jewish bloodline.

The Icke forums are (unsurprisingly) big on the Jew angle. Savile’s ‘crimes’ include the fact he’d been to Israel, spoke Yiddish, and had Jewish friends. But there’s another angle. Regard…

Are you all certain he is dead? Let’s look at some facts:

* He was physically fit – he did a marathon in 2005, aged 78.

* He had a very distinctive appearance – cigar, track suit and stupid hair. He had the same look for 40 or more years.

* His coffin was open to public view, but it was closed.

* His coffin is now buried in concrete

* He knew a lot of influential people, including people in the police, mortuaries and so on

Is it possible he has shaved his head or dyed his hair, smokes cigarettes and wears old man’s clothes and NHS glasses? Who would recognise an old man living in a semi-reclusive life that looked like that? I’m sure if he had the influence people here are suggesting, a fake death could have been arranged.

Oh wow. He could still be among us. Have you witnessed any pensioners in your post office queue smoking on a cigar the size of Jonah Falcon and braying like an ejaculating donkey? Although, he’s not the only one to leap to this conclusion.

Makes for a bit of a question, is Savile really dead? Of course, the allegations can’t be legally challenged because corpses can’t sue for libel.

Yes, he was 84 when he “died,” be he was also physically fit, running marathons well into his 70s.

Could be his grave is empty.

Could be! However, this chap does not agree, with some passionate ideas about the removal of Jimmy’s headstone.

The elaborate tombstone was removed at midnight on Tuesday after Savile’s family requested it be taken away out of ‘respect to public opinion.’

not 7.22pm 8.26pm..9.18pm.10.24pm..11.07pm..11.53pm but by pure fluke midnight dark night. i think we missed a masonic ritual in Scarborough in the middle of the news vortex. wow fucking energy vampires never stop.

fresh blood swabs should be taken of that grave crime scene.

the broken up headstone will not be landfilled.
it will be broken up.
the sacred stone will be sent to every lodge in jersey,england,scotland and wales.
maybe even the bbc and israel.
special pieces for ester ratface ransom,alan yentob,bbc entwistle,prince phillip.simon cowell and fuller



There’s a lot to deal with here. Magical rituals at the witching hour (luckily they got this in before the clocks changed, because that’d probably shit everything up), MASONIC BASTARDS, and the naming of names of those Slave Masters who’d just love a piece of sacred stone sat on their mantelpiece. Look out for it on the next series of The X-Factor, when the contestants get invited to the judge’s houses, and sandwiched between Simon Cowell’s BAFTAs there’s a granite slab just cursing with magickal, nonce-ring energy.

Also note the phrase ‘Energy Vampire,’ to which we’ll be returning. And Yentob is, of course, A JEW.

If it’s not dismantled, I bet his bones would be dug up and used for rituals.

Half a teaspoon of crushed Jimmy Savile pelvis, and you’ll have an erection that lasts for a thousand years.

Of course, Sir Jim’ll was famously buried at a 45 degree angle, supposedly, so he could look at the sea. Although that’s pretty suspicious, seeing as he’s 1) buried under the ground in a coffin, and 2) dead. I know estate agents and hoteliers take liberties with the phrase ‘sea view’, but you’d be pretty livid if they murdered you, stuck you six feet down, and then asked if you were enjoying the beautiful ocean panorama. So what’s the deal?

Sa-Vile telling us in plain sight that he was a 45th degree mason !


I even now think Ester Rancid and child line is a scam, maybe jimmy had his own hotline set up for him for the really vulnerable kids, you know the ones that no one will miss or is suicidal, the ones that are killed.

So Childline was essentially a Chinese takeaway for monstrous paedos?! Also, “Ester Rancid.” You’ve told her.

Access all areas. Not only access to the morgue. As a porter he would also likely be able to have some access to records and files, to see what patients are on what wards; who is new on the children’s wards, what medication they are on.

In short, it is the perfect position for a vampire to feed off the sick and vulnerable.

‘Vampire’ being a metaphorical term, right? Like, say, ghoul?

The sexual energy of virgins must have had some part to play in why he did it. Sexual Energy vampires – These individuals feed on energy produced during sex, or produced by any other sexual activity or influence. They are often referred to as “pranic” vampires.

I see. This is, apparently, a big thing in the conspiracy world. Everyone has something to say about it…

People have been talking on here about energy vampires, if this is the case then all of the anger and outrage on this thread and that is being whipped up by the tabloids, is being lapped up by them.

You are being involved in the ritual and they will be loving it.

You fools! With your lunch-room gossip, tweets, and constant news articles, we’re playing right into the energy vampires’ hands!

What is it about pedo abuse that they LOVE so much? Why is it so widespread?? I have heard it is to do with extracting energy and that pedo energy keeps you young..(maybe why old cliffy is so young looking ? )..WHY is it SO important to the elite??

Pedo Energy — it gives you wings! I know the first thing we all think when we see a mugshot of recently-nabbed molesters or internet groomers is how beautiful they look, with their lustrous, shiny hair and flawless skin. To Catch a Predator could have been taped on a catwalk, right ladies? Phwoarr!

Pedo Energy in action. He’s, what, twenty five in this picture?

One thing did come up in my mind though with the talk earlier about the authorities tolerating him because of their respect for the spirit that occupies him. There is also something about him nearly dying at 5 months old, perhaps as part of a possession ritual?

Look, I know I promised I’d keep an open mind, but this is all getting mildly far-fetched for me. Spirits, energy vampires and possession rituals? Does anyone have any proof? Any actual concrete evidence?

I went onto the Astral (the astral realm — he astrally projected) and I went back to look, I saw a vile and run-down house in Manchester with a dirty bed or mattress on the floor, it had the aura of Jimmy Savile. I assume that I am somehow correct.

Good enough for me. Moving on, let’s go back into his family history, like an episode of ‘Who do you Think You Are?’ hosted by Egon Spengler.

I get that there is a link between the Savile family crest and the City of Leeds crest, but I sense people are saying there is something sinister about owls per se. What’s the story with owls?

To which, somebody replies:

Google Boheimian Grove/Moloch….

Dun dun dun! Now the American elite are involved. We’re onto you, Bush.

Leeds is an occult ritual centre and has been for thousands of years. I didn’t know Saville’s family was connected to Leeds historically, definitely worth more research.

There’s a hell mouth here but only those who’ve lived here a while believe it.

A Hell Mouth, like in… Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I went to Leeds Uni myself for a spell, that’s how I know what books they have in the library. Kids are sold this idea of going to ‘Uni’ and being a ‘Student’ from an early age. It has nothing to do with education, it’s to get them away from their families and into drugs/drink/sex and debt so when they then get put into managerial roles they’re easier to control. Along the way their energy (both physical and monetary) is drained away from them.

Every september they ship in a new batch and by december there are signs up for them going missing, hushed reports of murders and rapes and the bodies start getting pulled out of the river.

If anyone ever wants to see a real occult ritual city full of people walking around that aren’t really people, visit Leeds. Just don’t stay too long

Leeds city centre

Blimey. When I think of Leeds, I think of that live album by The Who…

When questioned on the Savile allegations Pete Townshend, in a piece in The Guardian has stated that he knows too much to be able to answer the question! It states quite openly there that John Entwhistle was a freemason. Wonder if that’s Townsend sending a message to someone?


What does all this mean? We’re so far down the rabbit hole, there’s no way out, but what’s it all building to?

Something to watch out for in the near future is ‘real x-men’ or people with ‘special powers’ it will sound crazy, however there are many here with abilities they may not know about but their egos and their current mindset have suppressed them.

That’s the villain for Avengers II sorted. Tagline “He fixed it for them. TO DIE.”

Does anyone know why his fellow miners shunned him down the pit and why they referred to him as a witch? Could he even back in those days have been involved with dark stuff and they knew about it or heard rumours of it?

I’d love to hear more. Anyone got any information for this trainee lightworker?!

While Saviles workmates, at the pit they worked, would finish work with coal blackened faces and dirty clothing, Savile would emerge immaculatly clean, not a speck of dust on his hair or clothing.

So he wasn’t just, say, hiding in the canteen all day, wanking?

I’ve been thinking about this and kept seeing Jimmy’s weird old school haircut. Then all the bloodline and knight information from yesterday. The haircut seemed to match the era of the knights.

A while back I read a theory that all of the ‘famous’ types we see are actually the same spirits reincarnating throughout the centuries. A major part of their magic and obsession with recording bloodlines is so they can gain control of their reincarnations and overcome the ‘forgetting’ that happens when we incarnate here. That’s true immortality.

If ‘Jimmy’ was the same Savile that has been incarnating all these years as a ‘Knight’ then that would explain how some ‘random’ guy achieved all that political power and reach.

It would also explain the need to feed on energy from abuse. Destroying the personality of Jimmy Saville also wouldn’t matter as when he comes back next time he’ll have a fresh identity.

There you have it. As proven by his haircut, Jimmy Savile was, among other lives, a Knight Templar, cutting a swathe through the Crusades, but as the centuries and personas rolled on, the one thing he couldn’t bear to part with was his sensational barnet. That’s possibly why so many indie kids in the last couple of years adopted that ‘medieval serf’ haircut. It’s just the trappings of the era from which they’ve reincarnated.

Effectively, Jimmy Savile’s life(s) was like that unproduced Gladiator 2 script written by Nick Cave, where Russell Crowe was a Gladiator in ancient Rome, then he’s riding around in a tank in WW2, then he’s reincarnated again and working in the Pentagon. Why has Jimmy not been featured in the Assassin’s Creed games yet? Probably down to those ruddy Masons.

The Jimmy and Vlad the impaler link is fascinating me right now- are the two the same? Could be?

A Knight Templar protector of the holy realm, a bloodthirsty 13th century Hungarian tyrant, and a British DJ who hung out with Dave Lee Travis and Frank Bruno. It’s like a particularly desperate season of Quantum Leap.

700 years before he kept a single chocolate digestive wrapped in clingfilm in the fridge

Moving on slightly, this observant chap noticed something when Freddie Starr was being interviewed about the Savile case on This Morning.

btw it was a nice touch of symbolism to follow it with the Queens cousin –
that MK Ultra illuminati witch Gwen Stefani singing ‘get in line & settle down’.
(a flop single which has been stuck at around No.85 in the charts since July)

Gwen Stefani. Wife, mother, musician, MK Ultra Illuminati Witch. Stefani’s a cut above the kind of C-List British celebrity we’ve seen mentioned so far. But what could proper American celebrities want in all this?

This is their agenda to try to decriminalise child-sex. Make it a trendy Hollywood thing. They’ll probably make a fucking charity song about child love!

It’ll be like Live Aid, but with Gwen Stefani and Hollie Greig on lead vocals.

I’ve been aware of the significance of the Holy Wood for some time, but the revelations just keep coming. I just thought about Shirley Temple and the Good ship Lollipop…………a blonde child as a Temple, licking a flippin lollipop for goodness sake. Talk about hiding in plain sight!

These Masons must think we’re stupid!

I read somewhere that Mick Jagger was involved for awhile with the film maker Kenneth Anger and also that he was a member of a satanic coven that included the 4 Beatles and Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate.

Fucking hell, can you imagine an ancient summoning ritual in Ringo’s dopey voice? No wonder everything went tits up. But this is exciting. Keep digging…

I read somewhere he was also a friend of Mick Jagger or something, its all starting to look very satanic indeed… Plus Tom driberg who was a disciple of Crowley allegedly. Jimmy Paige bought crowleys house on a Scottish loch where workings went on

From Jagger to Manson, right down to Aleister Crowley, who up to this point has been conspicuous by his absence. For those sheeple not in the know, ‘workings’ were magickal rituals conducted by Crowley, mostly involving drugs, and lots and lots of brutally rough anal sex. True. But what’s that got to do with Jimmy? Let’s keep delving.

There was a discussion on another thread some time ago which delved into the possibility that Savile was chosen by the Masonic elite to be some kind of living deity/god to their perverted desires.

A satanic working was done and in walked this monster…

My God. Just like Hellboy. The smoke cleared, and standing within the pentangle was a shambling, straw-haired homunculus, whose first words in human tongue were “How’s about that, then?”

Now, the police investigation of the Jimmy Savile case has been give the codename Operation Yewtree. We know how The Man loves to hide his perversions in plain sight, rubbing it in our oppressed faces.



The Yew is known as the death tree in all european countries. Sacred to Hecate in Greece and Italy. OCCULT ASPECTS: Destructive workings concerning death. Not recommended for magical tools

You know, I actually became suspicious when I realised how much the word ‘Yew’ sounds like ‘Jew’.

I think we could actually be witnessing a ritual here. The persona of ‘Jimmy Saville’ is being sacrificed.

I knew it! That’ll be why Kay Burley’s eyes rolled to the back of her head, while she writhed orgasmically on the Sky news desk, birthing black smoke from her slavering maw of a vagina as more reports of Savile’s abuse came rolling up the teleprompter.

I’m sure you’ve read the transcript of Peter Sutcliffe’s trial, forgive me for backtracking, but something really makes my blood run cold.

Page 19 – murder victim Josephine Whittaker (4 April 1979). Murdered in Savile Park, Halifax.

I was just wondering about dark energy/vortices/ley lines. Other names – Barker, McCann…..

All roads lead to Rome??????

Sutcliffe! Savile Park! Maddie! The Pope!

Exhibit A

A screenshot from a 1977, TOTP anyone have a clue as to what is represented by the ‘Chief Tadpole’ scarf? or whatever it is draped over this shoulder? Aren’t tadpoles canabalistic?

Exhibit B

Wasn’t Ronnie Kray known as The Colonel?

EVERYTHING HAS A HIDDEN MEANING. At this point, someone posts up a video of the BBC’s tribute to Jim’ll, and regarding a talking head; a friend of Savile’s:

Pause at 13.47. Reptilian shapeshifter?


just watched the first few secs of 60 sec news on bbc3..just before conspiracy road trip.. leading, vile, and the vid they use…him waving his hand and one of the hand movements.. the devils horns…you couldn’t make it up!

,then again,watch ANY bbc show, or itv or ANY tell lie vision show and you will see copious amounts of satanic, masonic hand signs and symbolism…

Yeah, you will, you fucking nutter. Sorry, carry on…

only watched the first 10 mins of the road trip…countless masonic signs and subliminals..it is EVERYWHERE…and if anyone is new to this…just go and check out ANY show you like, any music vid, any news show, any documentary, any movie…etc. Etc…

He’s got a point. If you’re schizophrenic or an idiot.

Im still holding on to the hunch that the reason saville called his mother ´the duchess´was because he was an illegitimate relative of the royals.

My mum wasn’t best pleased when I told her (off the back of the 2000 Louis Theroux documentary) that I’d be referring to her as The Duchess once she hit old age. In light of recent events, she’s even less enthused.

Claire balding made a bizarre “joke” about Muslims flying into towers too….helping to cement the MYTH that Muslims carried out 9/11.

The whole damn BBC is rotten to the shape-shifting, reincarnating, Devil-worshipping core!

Barbara Windsor – definitely in on it all. Went a long way with zilch talent.

Cranking out a willy-wank over that scene in Carry on Camping just gave more sexual energy to the Energy Vampires. I’m as much to blame as anyone in helping them enslave us all. I’ve been guilty of it twice today. Probably again later too, if I can squeeze one in between tea and Boardwalk Empire.

Sorry everyone. Another power-up for the energy vamps 😦

I’ve just had a disturbing thought. Is Savile a Necro-Nonce?

And the quest to find a name for my black metal band finally comes to an end.

Savile given free hand to lurch about in morgues. I wonder if he can be linked in to an illicit organ harvesting racket?

To which somebody else replies:

I think that’s probably a bit of a stretch. The black market in organs is very real but they have their own people. Savile seems to be more about the occult/ritual/energy harvesting side of things for the elite.

Yeah, get a grip, mate. You’re going too far; trivialising the cold, hard reality of Satanic child-organ harvesting.

So, to wrap things up, there’s only one conclusion one can draw from all this top quality research. TV’s Jimmy Savile is an immortal energy vampire who’s been active since the beginning of time under a multitude of names, from Vlad the Impaler to the Knights Templar. Sometime in the sixties, he was summoned to our time in a ceremony by Mick Jagger and the Beatles, using the arcane, Satanic wisdom of Aleister Crowley, from where he procured children for the elite, via the Leeds Hell Mouth, which acted as an energy portal for the Jewish, Masonic vampires that enslave our world. It’s pretty obvious when you look at the facts.

But don’t sit back and let them get away with this. Let’s bust this thing wide open. Alert the media, or the Masons and the Jews will win! My own personal theory is that they tore his headstone down because someone got wind of Jimmy’s chosen inscription.

“Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I’ll be back.”

(Everything here was pasted word for word, and obviously, the absolutely fucking mental views are not my own. That’s not for the benefit of lawyers trawling the internet; I just don’t want people to think I’m a borderline schizophrenic who sprays vinegar into the sky to combat those mind-sapping chemtrails.

And all that was just a tiny, tiny fraction of the nonsense on those forums. BTW, it’s fine to laugh at these people, because they, and the likes of David Icke, see something like the systematic abuse of children as an excuse to gleefully circulate their anti-Semitic, paranoid wank-fantasies.)

You may have noticed the comment section here is a little… aggressive. I’ve handily made some of these quotes into cover blurbs for my books.

~ by Stuart on October 15, 2012.

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  1. Wow, there sure is a lot of freaky nonsense on there!
    But in spite of the “energy vampire” bollards, it’s blatantly at least partly to do with Savile’s Masonic connections.

    • Radio One was like the bloody Stonecutters.

      • lots of comments about this dodgy track suit wearing, tv personaility with a mullet from the 70’s and 80’s but let’s get back to Saville.

        …… hold on i’m beginning to connect dots here

    • I think most people would agree the David Icke forum is pretty out there. I mean, that’s the whole point of it, isn’t it.

      So what’s the point of this blog?

      To be unbearably smug about not being ‘out there’?

      To sell a few poorly written books?

      There seem to be an awful lot of entries. I read a couple and thought it was pretentious bollocks to be honest. Seriously, how much time have you spent writing this crap?

      You really need to get away from the blog man, you’re wasting your life with this shit.

      • Spot on Guy Z.

        “Among the dark rush of waves, the dog looks so small; so vulnerable. A bee in a hurricane.”

        Honestly, man. You can rip the piss out of a bunch of nutjobs, but you can’t fucking write for toffee.

        A bee in a hurricane.

        Jesus, in a million years, I doubt I’ll read a worse sentence than that. Give up, you’ve no talent.

      • Most IDIOTS would agree that anything not spoon-fed to the drones from the LAMEstream media is ‘out there’.

    • Oh.

      A word of advice.

      If you’re going to be silly enough to get your mates to review your ‘works’ on Amazon. It would be a good idea to get them to review a few other books too… Or at least throw in a few 3 or 4 star ratings.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Highlight the yellow text, people.

    Interesting take on this peculiar bloke.

    • Yeah, regarding the yellow text thing, I’ve had a few tweets from people who can’t read the yellow on a white background. I’m assuming that’s a phone-related thing, as the background’s black here, so if it’s not working for anyone (and you’ve got the patience to return to it) try it on a computer.

      • I get your posts sent to email, where you don’t have control over the background colour. The yellow is gahdahful.

        The post content however, is just superb. Virality guaranteed, or at least massive chunks of it ripped off in the Evening Standard.

      • Thanks, man. One of my big goals is to be seen as an enemy of Truth by the Icke-types. Hopefully this perpetuates the idea that I’m a mouthpiece of The Man, rolling around in piles of Jew gold.

        This yellow text business is an unforseen pain in the ricker. I’ve had a bunch of “This is unreadable! What were you thinking?!” tweets.

      • Stuart comes off as a very smug ASSHOLE/GATEKEEPER/SHILL for the PTBs/DEGENERATES. His agenda is to keep the drones ST000PIFIED, worshipping these SATANIC POS, ‘CELEBS’. Most of them are MK’d slaves just carrying out their sick programming.

  3. I love these conspiracy types, I’ve blogged about it before (but my take isn’t as amusing as yours). My suggestion is that the lizard jews are actually just a front for the custard cream crab people. Truth.

  4. Fabulous as always Stuart.

  5. […] on the David Icke Forums: Jimmy Savile Edition Beautifully summarised: Jimmy Savile and David Icke TL;DR: It was the Masons, and the Jews, and Vampires. Also, he's not actually dead. Brillo […]

    • brillo..
      sounds like the talk of a masonic sodomite.
      how about asking a simple question of stuart.
      george robertson the ex nato scot mason has he ever raped a child.
      yes or no
      ike is easy with his lizard talk.
      i am asking about a living scot ex uk defence minister.
      i admit the question is not so brillo.
      but maybe it is not a theory.
      maybe some theory are facts you know like hillsbourogh cover up.

  6. What are you doing to uncover the pedophile networks preying on our children? Nothing. What are you doing to help people wake up from the facist control system that enslaves them? Nothing. Instead, you just take the piss out of people trying to do something so you can look good infront of your imaginary internet friends whilst slyly defending the psychopathic predator of children that was Jimmy Savile. You sad cretin.

    • BAM!! 😉

    • What are you talking about, this was one of the funniest things I’ve ever come across ever, he was in no way trivialising what Savile did, if anything thing he was helping to point out that Icke followers are completely factless and utterly uttlerly paranoid. Frankly I know a few mason (they are not pedos) I work with some Jews (fine people).

      Unfortunately in this life their will always be pedos, murderers, rapist, racists and the such clearly if you follow the Icke crap you probably fall within the racist bit!

      Also I’m not a big fan of when lots of people who are completely deluded get to together and have a drooling insane mouth foaming crazy party, its sad and you dont help each other. Now go and live a happy life take some risks and love someone before you realised you’ve wasted your life chasing shadows of nothing!

    • He’s more than a sad cretin Bob. After a while I started to skip through the sublimely unfunny mocking. Also didn’t really like this: ‘It’ll be like Live Aid, but with Gwen Stefani and Hollie Greig on lead vocals.’ Mocking an abused down syndrome woman? What a sick freak.
      Saville is just the tip of the abuse iceberg, as usual the truth will be covered to protect other celebrities & elites… With a couple of investigations thrown in (such as Freddie Star) to appease the public. Millard you are a cunt.

  7. There are so many weirdos and nutters on the David Icke forum it is untrue. Many of them will be at Wembley Arena on Saturday 27th October for 9 life changing hours of David Icke spouting his nonsenical rubbish to an audience of loons. It’s titled “Remember Who You Are” with the subtitle of “I’ve got another book coming out soon”. Part of the problem is that many of his devotees unfortunately took the film “The Matrix” and believed that it was real. How sad!

  8. listen cuntish twatter…
    some of the quotes above are mine
    answer why midnight why take the stone down at midnight.
    i recently join ike i am now blocked for making a conection between peter mandelson and epstein a billion dollar man with a private jet.
    i thought it would be of interest for the nspcc to be made aware that mandy is friends with a convicted child sex offender yes.
    some of us want justice not a fucking media whitewash it seems to me everything is shill.
    how do you get keys to the most secure hospitals and prisons in the country.
    what checks are done before a man meets the future king or an old queen
    what mi5 and gchq checks are done before a man gets an obe or knighthood.
    allowed into an israeli cabinet meeting a year after a war.


    ike maybe a paid up agent like you who the fuck knows…

    but he talked about savile fucking the dead years ago.
    and cunts like you said he was a liar fantasy merchant.
    cloak this up any way you want.
    watch the bbc doc about belgium paedo ring.
    a girl was found dead on the queens estate last year any investigation hows it going.
    why not do a blog called do rich people rape and kill children and get a kick out of it

    • Do you think anyone will take you seriously if your posting anything on the Icke blog… why dont you go and join a government organisation such as MI5 and the police and use the power to do good.

      What exactly are you doing to prevent these bad people exactly? I think we all need to remember that things in the 60’s/70’s were alot different than today. No centralised intelligence, its not like you could do a normal CRB form in those days.

      Also dont forget that Savile was a doing masses of charity work and was a house hold name, the prospect of him being bad would be like suggesting that father christmas was a murdering pedo!

    • THANX TONY, wankers like Stuart are here to criticize, and ridicule those who are getting to the truth. Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together can see that. I wonder how these POS, who try to protect pedophiles can live with themselves??? The David Icke Forum is rife with Masons/Jews/Satanists who are given a free hand on there. I was banned years ago by the corrupt moderators.


    • Are you saying Jimmy Savile might have raped Prince Charles? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. This goes all the way to the top…

      • Charles’ ears used to be *tiny*, but then Jimmy came along, needing something to hang on to for balance because he’s so short. The mass media photoshopped jug ears onto all the Young Charles pictures so it wouldn’t get out.

    • Tony, who the hell do you think ‘spooks’ are? Short answer: white, middle class, mostly-Oxbridge males.

      Who the hell do you think Savile’s victims were? Short answer: young, often-troubled, entirely powerless mostly-girls.

      I very much doubt the ‘spooks’ could’ve given a flying fuck about the claims of ‘troublemakers,’ many of whom would’ve been locked up because social services thought them at risk of ‘moral danger’ anyway.

      You’re missing the key point – Savile volunteered for charities, in a way that was unusual even for R1 DJs. He managed to embed himself in the (white, male, MC) establishment. He managed to produce the appearance of credibility and respectability. And statutory providers – not least the police and ‘spooks’ couldn’t give a fuck about some troublemaking scrubber in a home who probably makes shit up because that’s what their type do.

      I paraphrase, of course, but you only need to look at the fact that the UK’s FIRST WOMEN’S REFUGE was established in the mid-70s (in Chiswick), meaningful domestic violence work wasn’t even on the statutory radar until the early 1990s, and – with the exception of a couple of major scandals – the evolution of child safeguarding LET ALONE working on the premise of ‘trusting’ what kids has to say has only really taken off in the last 10-20 years.

      You just don’t get it. No-one cared about his victims. ‘Spooks’ wouldn’t’ve been looking for these allegations, they probably wouldn’t’ve cared about them if they had encountered them. They’re not PR agents for the monarchy, and – good grief – they were mostly working in an Oxbridge, public schoolboy institution that I’d bet pounds to pennies was dominated by the same casual sexism and leery attitudes towards burdz as the police.

      There’s no great conspiracy. Just no-one gave a fuck about the victims, and it was all too easy for Savile to engage with institutions in a way that made people credit that was creditable, ‘safe,’ or trustworthy.

  10. Yes, you have a point about some of the comments and theories made on the Icke forum. But you’re essentially taking the piss wthout rationailising how someone like Savile managed to get away with what he did for so long unobstructed.

    Why would a DJ have so much access to the the Royal Family,, being mentor to Charles and Di and being mates with Prince Phil, spend Christmas at Chequers with the Thatchers, get the keys to fucking Broadmoor high security hospital?? Why? And get away with fucking girls whenever and wherever he could…

    It’s ok taking the piss, but even you must wonder why shit like this was allowed to go on. And you wonder where conspiracy theories stem from, it’s the fucking silence surrounding those questions..

  11. The icke forum is far more entertaining than this smug pile of wank.

    ‘Oh look, there’s a load of nutters over on the internet’.

    Don’t get much past you, do they?

    Of course, Icke did out Savile as a Paedo years ago.

    Hilarious… if you’re a smug cunt.

    How are the book sales going?

    • I’d watch out if I were you, the lizard people are definitely onto you now.

    • Didn’t Icke just repeat the rumours that had been around for years anyway? Jerry Sadowitz was repeating the same rumours, in his own inimitable way, since the 80s. Isn’t that what Icke does, just repeat every rumour going and roll them up into a big conspiracy theory? S’pose if you repeat enough you’re bound to be right sometimes.

  12. At least us at the David Icke forum have the common sense and brains to think for oursleves. We do not automatically accept what is stated from the MSM, they after all are beholden to the PTB, and answer to them too. So unless you look for the truth yourself, all you will get are lies, which most of the sheeple in this country seem happy to accept without question and believe.

    • No, no you don’t. You’re a bunch of paranoid, smug, self-satisfied conspiracy theory spouting losers who want some excuse for why you waste your lives on the internet. Ooh no, you’re not a waster, you’re beind held down by shadowy forces straight out of terrible sci-fi!

      Please sweetheart, you and the rest of the Icke disciples are nothing but a pop-culture punch line. Your parents must be absolutely thrilled with how your life is going.

      • Actually. The icke forum is more of an entertainingly mental affair.

        This blog is a much better example of ‘smug and self satisfied’.

      • You are a cliché-machine Rouss, and a typical snidey sheep to boot, wind your neck in and get back in the herd you twat.

    • Yes Jane! The “House of Cards” of the PTBs is starting to fold and their pathetic POS agents like Stuart are scrambling doing damage control. 99.9% of them are COWARDS who would piss their pants and cry for mommy if they were ever confronted physically by a REAL MAN!

      • OOH, I’m an agent?! Like the guy from the Matrix? Awesome!

        Do I get a pair of nifty sunglasses?

        Also, are you the kind of real man that us tiny-penised sheeple should be afraid of? Let me know so I can shiver and shake in your mighty presence, you tit.

  13. […] really. – Mat Bowles looks at what was actually in the Conservative manifesto two years ago. Jimmy Savile and David Icke – all the pieces matter – Not for everyone: Frantic Planet looks at the bizarre conspiracy theories being espoused on […]

  14. Hilarious….Still thinks Bin Laden did 9/11 and then HID for 11 years before getting chucked in the sea! Ok rational one….Answer HOW and WHY Sa VILE got away witrh this sick shit for years…..Laughing and taking the piss all the way to a fascist dictatorship…keep pretending its not happening mate….No skin off my nose. You have no idea what goes on…There is plenty of “evidence”. You just wait for your “evidence” to be validated by the NONCES at the BBC to accept it as the truth. CUNT

  15. I would reply to all of these wonderfully rational, intelligent comments from the Icke-disciples, but I’ve accidentally shapeshifted back into my reptilian form, and these lizard fingers are very awkward on the keyboard.

    Never mind. Have to get packing for Bilderberg anyway.

  16. “Cuntish twatter” was quite good, I thought.

    I also love the “Look, at least we’re trying to get to the bottom of this” idea.

    (Meanwhile: I’m another one who doesn’t like the yellow font in spite of the fact that I have an archaic mobile telephone that doesn’t get internets. In my case, it’s the fact that Google Reader has a white background. I suspect that quite a few RSS feed readers will tend to have white backgrounds).

    • The people who spend their days with the curtains closed, watching Zeitgeist and posting crazy ‘EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED’ speculation on the internet are the real heroes. Jokers like us are just sheeple enablers.

  17. Love the article but I don’t think Jack the Ripper is really the best person to be pointing the finger at anyone! ;o)

  18. There seem to be two unexplored threads in all of this:

    1) Is this why Saville wanted a thousand suits? For disguise purposes?

    2) Has Prince Charles ever stayed at your home, Stuart? I think that the public has a right to know.

    • 1) Now you’re thinking like a truth-seeker! The pieces are all there, we just have to put the whole sorry picture together. A thousand souvenirs perhaps. One for each identity.

      2) Not in *this* life. Whether or not he did back when he was a Knight Templar and I was Arthur Askey is another matter entirely.

  19. Millard, look at the brilliant work you’ve done. You’ve really got them riled up now – it’s like a frothing pool of retarded piranhas.

  20. The Reason Why Icke “Knew” All This Stuff Was Before Anyone Else Was That He Was Privvy To This By Being A Kids TV Presenter On Saturday Superstore And He Was Also On BBC Flagship Breakfast Programmme With One Frank Bough…The Icke Forum Hasn’t Really Exposed Anything New About Jimmy Saville Just Rehashed Already Available Material On The Internet…Icke Pretty Much Silences Any Dissenters By Way Of Censorship On His Website….As Well As All The Forums etc Exposing Ickes Hypocricy….There Is A Group On Facebook D…David Icke Is Nuts…Continuing In This Tradition…!!!

  21. I bet you feel superior posting that immature ‘wankfest’. A bit like a school bully calling everyone names because you don’t like the way they look or talk.
    Put simply, you are an ignoramus.

    • 1) You believe ‘lizard people’ exist and rule the world.

      2) You believe the world is run by covetous greedy Jews. Please explain to me what’s not ignorant or downright bigoted about that theory.

      • Excuse me? You’re telling me what I believe? Do you somehow know me? No you don’t so you can’t possibly know what I believe. Ignoramus.
        Stuart, your boyfriend is very presumptuous. I’d put a leash on him if I were you before he makes a fool of you.
        Actually scrap that, you already did a good job of that yourself.

  22. i posted the cuntish twatter remark.
    have the journalistic skill as a writer to answer my simple questions.
    1.is it good for the head of the nspcc to be friends with a convicted paedophile billionaire.
    2.if you ran the honours system would you check and vet the twatters you are giving knighthoods to.
    3.if you was the head security man at the palace would you vet the people that future kings stayed at.
    4.if you where ken clarke and the hospital and prison system would you give keys to every area where the yorkshire ripper lives.
    5.do you think it is off the scale for rich men to transport children around for fun on private jets.
    6.if peter mandelson head of the nspcc ,nat rothschild,oleg d and others had children in a compound in corfu with parents nowhere to be seen is that a good thing.
    7.if a future prime minister used a false name in a court case involving men and toilets as a writer and believer in the status quo would it be of interest.
    are any of those simple questions wacky.

    if any of the above has any truth and the spooks have done nothing why?but why shatters a belief system and taking the piss out of freaks is so much easier.
    maybe if you was raped as a child stuart you would be less of a twatter.
    forgive the writing style i did not have a proper education

    • I’m not sure of your raping-people-as-children policy for anti-twatter purposes. Seems a little harsh.

    • Savile was an extremely evil and talented confidence trickster in a time when people didnt talk about sex and abuse.

      People trusted Savile without question and thats it! I’m sure he was involved with lots of other dodgy fuckers, but they were dirty pedos nothing more and you shouldnt make it out to be anything more than that!

  23. In 1983, at Bow Street Magistrates Court, a certain ‘Charles Lynton’ was fined £50 for importuning in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual favours from the other man, but was not aware that he was being watched by the police. Notes of the interview and the file subsequently disappeared, along with several prior verbal warnings, and details of the fact that Charles Lynton was, it was said in Court, a student from Oxford University, coincidentally at the same college as attended by Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, Britain’s ex-Prime Minister. One student who was there at St John’s College, Oxford, at the same time remembered him, Blair, being known as ‘Miranda’- a promiscuous cross-dresser who played the guitar…badly. Could this be the same person or just a strange coincidence?

    • “are any of those simple questions wacky.”

      Um… yes? ‘Miranda’?!

      I decided long ago to not get into back-and-forths with conspiracy people. I’m not a TRUTH SEEKER, so there’s nothing to be gained for any of us by discussing this stuff that doesn’t relate to psychic vampires and Crowley farting onto Jimmy’s willy through the Leeds Hell Gate. Paedos clearly *are* awful, but this blog is not the place for that.

    • Tony, go the fuck outside, seriously. The sun won’t hurt you, fresh air is not a conspiracy by the lizard people to bring you down. Exercise is not a jewish Zionist plot to keep the masses in control. For the love of any sanity left within the human race – get off the internet.

  24. no answer to the 6 simple questions.
    you a writer of books.
    i did not have a decent education i have come to you seeking answers not about vampyre blood lust.
    i have been kicked off ike forum for asking simple rather mundane questions. not questions on the contemporary life of the golden dawn.

    i am not a truth seeker just someone who wants to understand how a rapist gets to hang out with blair,brown and all the royal family without spooks putting in a danger warning.
    don’t you care about the safety of your royal betters.
    certainly as a non writer and non bookish author i would say these simple questions are way more interesting than odd jobs on the ike forum.
    why now.
    why the controlled demolition of a spent force jingly jangly nonce.
    stuart if it was proven that you made love to the dead do you think the police would be around you 1 or in jims case 14 known properties with cadaver dogs.
    but the police as of yesterday stated they may go to glencoe to check it.
    i think networks are fine the problem is when they get in the way of crime or block investigation that is a problem.
    thanks for not answering my simple questions.
    it is so much easier to ignore or label someone as an ike it’s a lizard world nutter.

  25. The powers that be are relying on people like you stuart, that question nothing and suck up like a sponge all the bullshit they squirt.
    They love people like you who can’t connect the dots, and follow blindly on their every whim.
    People like you who don’t ask questions or think outside the box.
    People like you who attempt to ridicule those that can connect dots and think for themselves, who do not follow blindly and do not suck up the bullshit they squirt!
    There is a gigantic rabbit hole out there stuart, be brave and jump in, and you just might see that the world you think you know is just a figment of your imagination

    • Okay, I know I said I wouldn’t engage, but I can’t let this one go. As far as “people like me” who follow blindly; the irony in that statement is utterly mindblowing. The whole conspiracy field flows entirely on the people who participate in it blindly accepting every theory they read.

      And I didn’t come to my opinions about conspiracy people from a position of laziness, or not properly forming an opinion. I previously went into the whole thing in great length here: https://franticplanet.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/my-greatest-fear/

      Have a read of that and see if it rings any alarm bells. But if you want to brush it off as a perfect example of “people like me” blindly following, go for it.

      • i disagree stuart, conspiracy theorists, truthers whatever you wish to label them do not follow blindly every theory out there and you would understand that if indeed you had ever researched the conspiracy subjects for you would have seen online arguments between ‘conspiracy theorists’ disagreeing !
        My point i was making that obviously ‘passed you by’ was your inability to take any of the many good points from the icke thread, instead you picked the way out theory’s that people have made and ridiculed them for what i can only imagine as stroking your own ego, blatantly trying to belittle people, a cheap trick indeed ! also the clue was in ‘The powers that be’ which you obviously follow blindly…….

      • You’ve got me! I just looooove The Man. I’ll do whatever I’m told, me. Mad Sheeple 4 life!

        (Responses like the one above are why I usually don’t engage. Utterly pointless. Like trying to converse with a bucket of pebbles.

        The idea that someone doesn’t think, just because they don’t agree with insane nonsense about reptilian shapeshifters and Jimmy Savile being a reincarnation of Vlad the Impaler is so wildly insulting.)

      • well stuart, since you are engaging why don’t you answer some of the questions Tony has posted?
        i don’t believe in reptilian shape shifters but i wouldn’t dream of ridiculing people that do and my disbelief in some theory’s does not stop me from questioning the world i live in

      • Must. Stop. Engaging.

        Okay. Why don’t I answer the questions? Because this isn’t the David Icke forum, or tonfoil-beanies.co.uk. And without getting pretentious, stop with this silly idea that I don’t question the world I live in. Read through the rest of my work. There are other ways to muse on the world around you than via the Youtube comment section of Loose Change.

      • I will read your work stuart, im sure behind all the ridicule and piss taking at every opportunity, you may well have something to say that may interest me.
        But if you write a blog you must understand that sometimes people will take offense at your words and ask you questions, by the way, what is tonfoil? 🙂

      • Willow, asking questions is fine, throwing elephant sized piles of dung at someone because they dare belittle your pathetic, lunatic beliefs doesn’t really apply in the same context.

        Please do not attempt to act like a rational human being. You are anything but, don’t talk about ‘cheap tricks’ when you’ve just used two to make belittle someone else – mocking a misspelling and claiming to be ‘simply offering advice’.

      • Who the fuck cares what YOU wrote Stuart? 5 minutes reading your drivel on here is enough for me to know you are a POS gatekeeper/damage control agent. Anyone who thinks you are not AWARE of what is really going on are deluding themselves. Those who ‘debate’ you are also wasting their time. Too bad it took me over 20 years to suss out LYING POS like you. The DIForum was one place where many like you spew their BS.

      • Who the fuck cares what YOU wrote Stuart?

        You’ve been replying for over an hour at this point, so is the answer ‘russ hook’?

    • Willow watches The Matrix every day, on repeat.

      Sweetheart, it was a film. Not a documentary.

      • Rauss, blatantly trying to belittle people are you? another cheap trick

      • Of….?

        Please call me a masonic sodomite or sheeple or something, it’ll just cement my assertions of what you people are like.

      • Hello again Rauss, i replied to this blog to talk to stuart and you butted in with a piss taking reply, oh and please don’t call me sweetheart. but i suppose you could be stuart using a pseudonym !

        Also you seem to assume a lot about me don’t you? that i watch the Matrix every day, that i have pathetic, lunatic beliefs, its quite laughable really seeing as i only joined the DI forum this week because of the jimmy savile thread.

        On bended knee i apologise for pointing out a ‘typo’ and offering advise as it offends you so much Rauss, i will accept an apology from you for butting in with a piss take reply when i was talking to someone else

      • You’re right, it’s a CONSPIRACY!!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!

      • what a clever little person you are, you tried to make a funny ! its just a shame you prefer to piss take rather than be bothered by a huge cover up of pedophilia! says a lot about you really, goodbye

    • “The powers that be are relying on people like you stuart”

      I think I’ve just worked out why the country’s gone down the shitter…

    • @Willow the Watcher

      Have you considered that your ability to “connect the dots”, an ability that appears to elude many of us, could in fact be down to apophenia?


  26. This is the best comment thread I’ve seen for ages. Thank you so much x

  27. The Sa Vile thead on the David Icke site is the most compehensive read on the web re: the institutionalised abuse of children. People fom all walks of life post on there and there are many newcomers drawn to the thread by their own experiences or their outright horror of this man’s evil actions.David Icke has been talking about this abuse, and naming names…inc, Sa Vile, for years now, This thread of yours will bring more people to the site …some may have a look around…some may stay…

    • Then when they find out about the lizard people beliefs and the anti-Semitism they’ll run a mile.

      You can lead a crowd to bullshit, but you can’t make them swallow it.

      • I’ve hung around there for a year or two and they still haven’t convinced me that the world is about to be taken over by Retptilians.

        Not everyone who reads or posts there accepts everything that is said. There are theories posted there that don’t involve aliens and anti-semitism..

      • Rauss, you know it would actually take less effort to not be such an ignorant cunt.

    • David Icke Outed Saville Because David Icke Was High Profile In The BBC And Would Have Heard Rumours…David Icke Was Aslso Sacked From A Childrens Charity….He was also active in other causes, notably the welfare of the handicapped. He organized a Special Olympics for children in 1987, which he persuaded BBC Television to film. Icke became the first president of the Isle of Wight Special Olympics Committee, and his associates recall his tremendous enthusiasm for that cause, which did not last. In his later visionary period he put forward the astonishing view that the mentally handicapped have brought their condition upon themselves by acts in former lives.

      For His “Otheness” Statement About People With Disabilities….He Was Also Sacked From The Green Party, Spokesman Role For His Ever Increasing Anti-Semitism…Of Course He Keeps Changing These Goalposts With Some Form Of Orwellian Doublespeak….From A Global Cabal Of Shapeshifting Big Nosed Lizard To Rothschild Zionists With Big Hats…!!!

      • Please provide evidence of Ickes ‘statement about people with disabilities’. When you can’t , perhaps retract.
        Perhaps you have confused Icke with Glen Hoddle. Perhaps you are just generally confused.

    • @salamander, the thread about So Vile on DIF is up to 3,300 pages, so the people are taking an interest in these evil fucks who rape children, and then ritually SLAUGHTER them. POS like Stuart just ooze depravity. I wonder what type of sewer-rat ‘vibe’ this asshole gives off in person? I would guess it is very similar to the vibe So Vile gave off.

  28. stuart does not see anything strange in savile becoming buddies with the yorkshire ripper.
    savile as entertainments officer of the most secure mental hospital in the country with keys to go anywhere.
    nothing odd about the man after watching the louis theroux doc would anyone want to stay under a roof with that man.
    what is it about child fucking and the d notice.
    stuart as an upholder of the status quo i would think you would admire the theory and practice of the d notice to protect us from scary men like abu hooky hamza.
    but is it good that george robertson and peter mandelson have the protection of d notice for sodomical acts with boys.
    how about a new subject.
    should it be used to protect sex offenders or only be used to protect the national security of the uk.
    future topics
    the d.a notice has nothing to do with ike.
    maybe an mi5 friend or someone that works at the guardian can explain to you that it has nothing to do with space men or lizards but everything to do with blackmail and cover up.

    • Well It’s Hardly A Big Surprise That All These Oxbridge/Etonian Politicians Are Fond Of A Little Bit Of Lights Out Sodomy…It Was Practically Encoraged eg Fagging… Blackmail And Cover Well I Never…That’s Gotta Be Up There As The Second Oldest Profession In The World…Corrupt Politicians Who’d Of Thought It eh…!!!

  29. The thing is Stuart. All you are doing is dissing peoples opinions, without actually offering any alternative reasons why this sort of shit has happened.
    I’m pretty much agnostic on most of the theories that abound on the Icke forums. I’m willing to listen and learn.

    However, it’s easier for you to take the standpoint, that these people are nuts and offer no other explanation. When you actually get mainstream forums like Mumsnet, saying similar things to the Icke forums, then maybe you need to take a step back a bit from the tirade of abuse and realise that the general (mainstream) public are asking similar questions.

    • I Think Because It’s Been Pretty Much Front Page News For The Last 2 Weeks, A Lot Of People Have Been Talking About It (Mumsnet, Digital Spy etc…)…However There Were People That Were Highly Suspicious Of Saville, Mandelson, Russian Oligarchs, Gay Gordons,George Robertson And People That Were So Gay They Didn’t Have Closets But Cabinets To Hide In….Here Is An Interesting Blog That Mentions A High Profile DJ (Un-named) And A Childrens Home In Jersey Before This Story Broke….http://petereyrepatch.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/uk-paedophilia-runs-rife-in-very-high.html

      • Must. Stop. Engaging.

        Okay. Why don’t I answer the questions? Because this isn’t the David Icke forum, or tonfoil-beanies.co.uk. And without getting pretentious, stop with this silly idea that I don’t question the world I live in. Read through the rest of my work. There are other ways to muse on the world around you than via the Youtube comment section of Loose Change.


        Icke 45 – Stuart 0

        Nice kicking you just deservedly got.

        Couldn’t even answer ONE of Tony Roma’s laser sharp questions.

        Not ONE.

        What a primo useless fucking CUNT you are!



        I thank you!

        Currently running at 400,000 hits you dozy CUNT!


        CUNT 🙂


        Many thousands? Let’s do something you’re not used to, and deal in straight-up facts.

        — I didn’t link to your thread, or the Icke forum, in this article.
        — The first link to your thread that appeared here is the one you yourself put in the above comment.
        — My WordPress stats let me see every click in and out of my blog.
        — ONE PERSON has clicked your link and gone to the Icke thread.
        — Me Infinity – You 0

  30. That’s Very Unfair Anders, For A Start A Lot Of People That Could Question Icke And For Example His Use Of Sweatshop Labour In The Manifacture Of His T Shirts, His Use Of Big Brother Techniques In Reading Personal Messages, His Set Up Of A Charitable Frredom Foundation Using Broffman And Rothschild Funds…etc Are No Longer Able To Post On His Forum….If You Read The Rest Of This Blog…The Summer Of Saville…You Will See That A Lot Of The Stuff Posted On Your Thread Is Second Hand Information….I Wonder If Anyone Has Actually Interviewed Anyone Involved In Jimmy Saville Rather Than Relying On The Net…

    • CUNT 🙂

      • We get it, you know one word. How is having the same vocabulary as an old woman’s parrot actually make it a victory?

        Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re a truther. Your life is basically void and worthless.

      • POS like Rauss are not worthy of more than a 4 letter reply anders7777. But a cunt is USEFUL so you better re-think that! L0L . BTW, I remember you on the DIF years ago. I was friends with Eternal Spirit and lizzie! I was banned of course, like anyone who could see thru the Masonic/satanic bullshit.

      • Icke may have been genuine in the beginning but he sure as hell is NOT now. Why is he allowed to speak at venues he was banned from years ago? He has either sold out, been threatened, or may be a MK Ultra mind controlled slave? MK is rampant around the world. This is how the El-Ite have gained control of the masses. Also, sexual abuse victims (everyone reading this) are easier to manipulate. That is why the El-Ite use that technique, one of many.

    • I Wonder If Anyone Has Actually Interviewed Anyone Involved In Jimmy Saville Rather Than Relying On The Net…

      kallisti some of us have worked with savile i know people within the bbc that where drugged by savile possibly raped certainly sexually assaulted.
      non will come forward because in this world it is better to pay your bills than rock the boat.
      even the ones working elsewhere will never tell and they are fucking adults.

      since the media have framed this as an i love the 70s issue rock the boat don’t rock the boat baby rock the boat don’t tip the boat over.
      get it.
      if your a fucking women you should get it.
      people do what they are told in work,the bbc never stopped inviting him back for poxy retro shows and voice overs.
      if heads like alan yentob,esther ratface,michael grade ignored the rumours what chance does a new 19 year old production assistant have that wakes up in a daze with her knickers inside out.
      and unckle jimmy chompin a cigar on the roof terrace.
      NOT IN THE 70S BUT IN THE LATE 1990s.
      what a choice tell the corrupt cops a story of how you fell asleep and think something happened make loads of noise in a new job or get the fuck out of his flat.
      heads of dept knew maybe it was an in joke.
      2 of jimmies best mates where ex cops one at senior level.
      what chance has anyone got against a man with the keys to the home of the yorkshire ripper.
      the last thing he ever said to a ex workmate was be nice make sure they say nice things about me.
      we know where you live with a smile of course

      • Tony Roma, What You Are Writing There Is Almost The Same As “The Summer Of Saville” In This Blog….I Don’t Know If The Chap That Wrote It Is Quoting Jimmy Saville Or Just Dramatising Him…Either Way You Seem To Have Gone All Defensive, Unessarily Because David Icke Is Mentioned In This Peice…!!!!

      • kallisti some of us have worked with savile i know people within the bbc that where drugged by savile possibly raped certainly sexually assaulted…..Hang On A Sec, In What Capacity Did You Work With Saville….And If You Knew People Who Were Drugged And Raped By Him You Must Be A Witness…Are You Going To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is,,,???

    • Dud:  I tell you, the other day, some bloke came up to me, I dunno who it was, an’ he said, “You cunt.”

      Pete:  Yeah.

      Dud:  I said, “Wot?”  ‘E said: “You cunt.”

      Pete:  Yeah, and you replied, “You fuckin’ cunt.”

      Dud:  I said … well, no, not straight away … I said: “You cunt,” I said …

      Pete:  Yeah, yeah …

      Dud:  … An’ then ‘e said …

      Pete:  … What’d he come back with?

      Dud:  ‘E come back, ‘e says, ‘e said “You fuckin’ cunt.” 

      Pete:  You’re jokin’!

      Dud:  ‘E said, “You call me a …”

      Pete:  ‘E said “You fuckin’ cunt”?

      Dud:  ‘E said, “You call me a cunt? You fuckin’ cunt! …” I said, “You f—,” I said, “You fuckin’ cunt.”

      Pete:  I should ‘ope so. “You fuckin’ cunt …”

      Dud:  I said, “You fuckin’ cunt.” I said, “You fuckin’ come ‘ere an’ call me a fuckin’ cunt …”

      Pete:  I should say so.

      Dud:  I said, “You f—,” I said, “You cunt.” I said, “You fuckin’ cunt.” I said, “‘Oo are you fuckin’ callin’ cunt, cunt?”

      Pete:  Yeah, what’d ‘e say, cunt?

      Dud:  ‘E said, “You fuckin’ cunt!”

      Pete:  Well, you fuckin’ cunt!  ‘Oo are you to say to ‘im that ‘e was a fuckin’ cunt?

      Dud:  Well, what d’you f—, what d’you fuckin’ think, mate? I’m fuckin’ defendin’ my fuckin’ self, aren’t I?

      Pete:  Well no.  ‘E come up to you, call you “cunt,” that’s fair enough, or ‘e said, “You fuckin’ cunt,” an’ you said back to ‘im, “You fuckin’ fuckin’ cunt,” …

      Dud:  I said, well …

      Pete:  … well, what d’you expect ‘im to say back, apart from, “You fuckin’ stupid fuckin’ cunt”?

      Dud:  Well, I don’t … I don’t expect nothin’, do I?

      Pete:  No …

      Dud:  But the cunt come back with, “You fuckin’ cunt, cunt.”

      Pete:  Oh Christ.

      Dud:  I said, “You cunt?” I said, “You callin’ me a fuckin’ cunt? You fuckin’ …” I said, “You fuckin’ cunt.”

      Pete:  Jesus Christ, yeah.

      Dud:  I said, “You …,” I said, “You … you fuckin’ cunt!” …

      Pete:  Yeah …

      Dud:  … I said, like that.

      Pete:  Yeah. You said it, like that, did you? To ‘im.

      Dud:  Yeah.

      Pete:  Or was ‘e gone by then?

      Dud:  No, ‘e fuckin’ ‘it me. F— …

      Pete:  ‘It you, did ‘e?

      Dud:  Yeah, fuckin’ cunt.

      Pete:  Killed you dead, did ‘e?

      Dud:  No, ‘e … ‘e fuckin’ ‘it me.

      Pete:  Yeah, …

      Dud:  I said …

      Pete:  … well …

      Dud:  I said …

      Pete:  …  you can’t blame ‘im, can you?

      Dud:  I said, “You … you rotter.”

      Pete:  Yeah.

      Dud:  An’ ‘e … ‘e went off.

      Pete:  Did ‘e?

      Dud:  An’ ‘e said, “You cunt,” again.

      Pete:  Well, that’s the only way to deal with ‘im, isn’t it?

      Dud:  Yeah, well, I showed ‘im, didn’t I?

      Pete:  Yeah, well, you ‘ad to, didn’t you? You ‘ad to stand up for what you stood for, didn’t you?

      • Yes I Have Heard Derick And Clive, Apart From Lack Of DNA…The Witness Statements , Modus Operandi And Jimmys Anecdotes Seem To All Point In The Direction That He Was Indeed A Paedophile Necrophilliac Coprophiliac Rapist…Also It Would Point To Him Being A Lone Predator Rather Than A Huge Network Behind Him….Organisations Like The BBC, The NHS, etc Seemed To Have Turned A Blind Eye To Him Rather Than Aided Him….Although This Could Seem To Be Complicit In His Behavour….I Think You Are Doing Very Well Anders But I Would Like Too See More Evidence Rather Than Heresay And Circumstance….

      • I Also Find Myself Somewhat Unwhittingley Agreeing That The BBC Overexposure Of The Levinson Enquirey Was A Somewhat Laboured Attempt To Do Damage Limitation…Well It Certainley Shut The NOTW Down….What Else Would Have Come Out Of The Phone Hacking…They Caught Princess Di Out In Squidgygate….I Wonder What They Had On Saville….Privacy Laws Could Be Used To Cover Up All Sorts…!!!

      • Coprophiliac?!

        So Jimmy also liked to eat da poopoo? An exciting new piece of research, to be sure.

      • CUNT! L0L

    • Hey KD, U likey capitalizing first letters? A little Kinky maybe? Huh? L0L

  31. Please provide evidence of Ickes ‘statement about people with disabilities’. When you can’t , perhaps retract.
    Perhaps you have confused Icke with Glen Hoddle. Perhaps you are just generally confused.

    He organized a Special Olympics for children in 1987, which he persuaded BBC Television to film. Icke became the first president of the Isle of Wight Special Olympics Committee, and his associates recall his tremendous enthusiasm for that cause, which did not last. In his later visionary period he put forward the astonishing view that the mentally handicapped have brought their condition upon themselves by acts in former lives


    Following a common Nazi thread which goes back to Hitler, Icke blames the Jews themselves for anti-Semitism. “Thought patterns in the collective Jewish mind have repeatedly created that physical reality of oppression, prejudice and racism which matches the pattern—the expectation—programmed into their collective psyche. They expect it; they create it.”


    Bit Like Blaming The Victims Rather Than The Perpertraitors….The Just World Hypothesis I Beleive It’s Called…!!!

    • yes Kallisti Damnsod, that ‘answers.com link is the only reference that I was able to find on the internet too. It states, as you stated earlier without previously any reference to where you got it; “”In his later visionary period he put forward the astonishing view that the mentally handicapped have brought their condition upon themselves by acts in former lives””.

      Now, if Icke did indeed put forward this ‘astonishing view’, do you think you could link me to Ickes actual quote ?

      Or shall I just accept that lazy journalism is part and parcel of this particular blog ?

      • Seeing as Stuart wasn’t the one who claimed that Icke said that, perhaps you should re-read the comments.

  32. I just wish that I had a thousand suits.

  33. So was Savile a Jew, a Mason, a Reptile, a Satanist or is he still undead and well stalking Hell Mouth hospital wards for fresh pedo power as I type this?

    It’s all so confusing.

    • @John Matrix, oh you are SO clever, and funny! There is nothing so HILARIOUS as BABY-FUCKING, and RITUAL MURDER is there???

  34. Lifting peoples comments from a larger discussion and using them to write a hit piece about a man (Icke) who shouted from the rooftops for years about Savile and his pedo buddies makes this author a prize asshole.

    It’s people like YOU millard that allowed Savile to abuse kids until the day he died.

    • Of all the insanity posted here in the last couple of weeks, nothing has topped just how hard I’m still laughing over “It’s people like YOU millard that allowed Savile to abuse kids until the day he died.”

      Partially that’s down to you addressing me by my surname like you’re my PE teacher. PE teachers, of course, all being paedos. You sick shit.

      • Those who are silent, and look the other way are not as culpable as the perps then?

  35. If wacky, zany, batshit babbling conspiracy research happened to uncover a vast paedophile ring over the course of the next year, then I can’t see your problem with it. It’s evidently piqued your interest to the point you’ve lingered over the forum at length. Perhaps you’re absorbed in it all for some reason other than your comical reading of the speculation on the thread.

    Amongst all the mystical talk of cosmic happenings and secret societies you probably haven’t studied in depth, perhaps there is a grain of truth in the posts on the site? The same grain of truth that led to Icke outing Savile years ago, maybe.

    Those who haven’t found their own truth find it easy to scoff, and you scoff in a very accomplished manner.

    I was a normal, atheist, liberal, existential individual before I had my big moment – the point where I realised conspiracy research is entirely worthwhile. It happened to me while I was thoroughly mocking conspiracy research. I peeked into the sphere and, digging amongst disinformation, I found the integrity to admit that I hadn’t actually seriously considered what it was I was laughing at. Perhaps you’ll have a similar moment soon.

    Before you mock those who uncovered a monster before it had actually died, it might be wise to consider your own position. They are trying to uncover the extent of this thing by harmlessly speculating. You’re apparently reading forums that are beginning to prove their worth, purely to mock them. That’s ego-driven madness, surely?

  36. I read the article Stuart, and had a good chuckle, but then I read the comments. Sorry old chap, but I think you should retire – the commenters are far funnier.

    Re: conspiracy theories…. I may be incorrectly paraphrasing, but didn’t Sartre once say something about religion that went along the lines of “you may as well believe in God because if you’re right then you’re quids in, and if you’re wrong, it doesn’t matter” ? Well, I think the same thing about conspiracy theories.

    And just because I believe in conspiracy theories, and real conspiracies too, doesn’t mean that I am a humourless old fart who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh at the way people make fools of themselves, or myself.

    Now: Tony Roma. Interesting fellow. I have to say Tony, that I dismissed your questions as rambling nonsense the first time I saw them in this thread. But after a few more repeat comments, I started to believe what you said about organising and expressing your arguments (“forgive the writing style i did not have a proper education”) and I began to appreciate that you posted repeatedly as each time you did so things became a little clearer. I respect you for putting those questions out there – I don’t have any answers to them, but I’ll definitely be looking into them.

    I have two messages for you, the world:

    1) It’s OK to laugh at ourselves, it helps us to find the truth, after all.

    2) Be careful what you put your focus, energy and belief into. There’s a lot of untruth out there. Wouldn’t want you to be a sucker for any of that. Case in point: Haut de la Garenne on Jersey. Classic moral panic in the media beginning on Feb 23rd 2008, all the journalists falling over themselves to uncover a vast conspiracy of paedophiles and murderers., etc. All very laudable. The only problem with it all was: there wasn’t a single shred of evidence. The ‘child’s skull’ turned out to be a piece of Neolithic (6000 year old) bone fragment no bigger than a fifty pence piece, and archaeologists are not sure if it is human or animal. So there was no ‘child’s body’ and neither were there ‘dozens of other bodies’. The ‘shackles in the floor’ turned out to be rusty drainpipe holders, not handcuffs. Old baths were commonly screwed to the floor and this was not some kind of torture device. The Jersey Evening Post reported these facts which seriously challenged the national UK press stories, but funnily enough, none of the main stream media mentioned this. How does Jersey and the care home workers get their reputations back, when the main stream media frenzy kicked up such a moral panic in its hunt for folk devils, but barely reported the final outcomes of the case and never made any apologies to the people involved. This golem of a story is still walking around out there despite being based on no evidence. And who do we find now being linked with this non-story? Jimmy Savile. And so it begins all over again. ‘Ows about that, then?

    Tony Roma’s questions look very interesting indeed. How ironic if we we were all being distracted by the fake stuff in Jersey, and all the while there might be real questions going unasked elsewhere?

    Stuart – I know you aren’t a ‘request’ journalist. But I’d love to see someone like you ask around about some of the crazier-sounding issues that people have mentioned in these comments, and of course, take the piss out of the whole thing from all sides. But still, ask the questions….. 🙂 I love all the D-Notice stuff, fascinating.

    OK I’ve wittered on, I know. And just for the record, I’m anti- not pro- paedophilia. Just in case anyone mistakenly thought that I was pro- just because I wasn’t shouting in chorus with the mob.

    So mock away Stuart, it’s all good fun. Love the blog, keep on lampooning those big whale-like targets.

    • @grumpyoldFUCK, nice try. You are subtle but a LYING POS anyhow. Trying to create DOUBT in peoples’ minds are we? Oh, I am so GLAD you are having so much ‘fun’ though. Now run along you useless SCUMBAG!

  37. Sorry, GrumpyOldman, but Haut De La Garenne screams of being covered up. That’s why it’s being raised again in the mainstream media. The BBC did try to help bury it – there’s a report in Bill Maloney’s Sun, Sea and Satan documentary (warning – it’s quite abrasive).

    You may want to look into that one again – Lenny Harper and Graham Power were treated disgracefully – and if you believe a human skull fragment can turn to a piece of coconut overnight, then you’re possibly a little too trusting.

  38. Just when I thought human dumbassery had ceased to surprise me, along comes a crowd of carpet-chewing nongs who blindly swallow every laughable conspiracy theory imaginable.

    Or to put it in terms suitable for the education level of conspiracy nuts,

    LMAO @ all the butthurt Icke-loonies.

  39. Oh my… What an edifying, nourishing spectacle.

    Ladies. Gentlemen. Carry on!

  40. Heh. The idea that there’s a hellmouth in Leeds would explain a lot. I bet it’s under the Temple Works building. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_Works

  41. So we now have Sartre (of all possible thinkers) as the originator of a bastardised version of Pascal’s Wager.

    On top of everything else.

    I mean… how… what…

  42. That was brilliant! I also find it facinating that the moon is a secret sattelite of evil lizard people and our Queen is a shapeshifting lizardy elite woman!! These people talk bollocks and need to train their minds on important issues like poverty, war and modern day slavery (drugs etc). But, it will be inevitable the jews are behind this all who suck our energy and are deep in magickal ritual. Loved this mate, David Icke is an absolute nutter who probably uses his own shit as ornamental decorations.

  43. Thanks, that was hilarious. You could do this as a standup routine.

  44. More proof of the Masonic – Jewish – Savile link (if any were needed!):
    Masonic Halls all face East
    East is the start of the word Easter
    At Easter we give Eggs
    Eggs come from chickens
    Chickens are a bit like Turkeys
    Turkey is quite close to Israel (don’t deny it – I checked on Google Earth)
    Israel is where Jews live (I checked that too)
    Jews don’t eat shellfish
    Crabs are shellfish
    My mate Barry had crabs once
    Barry met Jimmy Savile at a school fete in 1972.


    Time for my lie down.

    • It’s all a big Nazi Jew-lizard nonce conspiracy, no doubt about it. Let’s all give it a big paedo-Heil.

  45. Has it ever occured to you(Millard) that the ramblings about Lizards and other crazy shit form Mr Icke might just be to cover his backside? Think about it. He can get some truth out while making sure he won’t be bumped off because let’s face it, who would believe that shit?

  46. What an excellent rebuttle. Don’t give up the day job, whatever that is.

  47. Who fancies a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake?

    • And a STIFF COCK RAMMED UP YER AZZ after tea???? I’ll pass Worzel, but thanx anyhow…

      • Stuart, what have you done with the rest of Russ Hook’s comments. They were most revealing, although I appreciate you may have found them obnoxious. Bit like how Jimmy’s “victims” found him. Ask yourself why Savile was buried in a “golden” coffin at a 45 degree angle – arse to base – by the Royal Marines. Whiff of anticipated necrophelia, perchance ? What goes around, comes, in this instance, underground ? cheers

      • I haven’t done anything with them. Maybe he deleted some himself? My policy has always been to let that kind of nonsense speak for itself, even his appalling anti-Semitism and ‘comedy’ threats of rape.

        And I think Jim’ll was buried in a golden coffin because he was an arrogant fucker who acted like he was King of the World. The 45 degree angle and the whole looking out to sea thing just another of Jimmy’s ways of creating a story and weaving himself into history, like with being the ‘first DJ’, he knew it would create interest and keep his name alive. In hindsight, wasn’t really needed.

      • What about the coffin being encased in concrete ?

  48. Well, this was an entertaining read while the David Icke forum is offline for some reason or other. This stuart fella who authored this blog article really has a keen eye for spotting lunatics and picking apart their nonsense. To be fair though, he hasn’t picked the hardest of targets for sharpening his wits against, if his own acknowledgement of their failings is to be believed.

  49. What is Icke and his acolytes are doing is messing up facts and fiction, since british are known for their declinations to medieval superstitions, Icke’s preachings all seem utter nonsense to someone, who believes that government and media never lies (how on earth could they!?) and their polical system is best in the world, despite few flaws.

    Icke is at first sensationalist and businessman, only third and fourth comes researcher and most of his “discoveries” are just pieces of information glued togerther with poor sci-fi and new agey hocus pocus.

    This is very dangerous, because there are real criminals out there, who work undercover and are untouchable as long as masses believe that they are shape shifting lizards

  50. It must be so comforting to live in a world where any ‘dissent from the official story’ you’re programmed with since birth on any subject whatsoever, instantly becomes the source of ridicule along with an inability to conceive of the possibility that everything you’re told might not be entirely true is equaled by a lack of imagination with replies like “conspiracy theories” or “tinfoil hats” delivered each time as though it indicates superior intellect.

  51. well said bacofoil billy…some people don’t believe in conspiracies, yet history is littered with conspiracy.

    • Catch yourself on, you two. No-one said there was no such thing as conspiracy.

      You bloody Icke lot think you’re smarter than everyone else, but you do more damage to stopping real conspiracies than everyone else. While governments and multinational corporates are pulling off scams, circumventing international law and further impoverishing poor communities around the world for profit and power, you tinfoilers go around pointing the finger at ludicrous ideas like Jew-Lizards and Satanists, laughably calling yourselves “truthers”. You’re the boy who cried wolf, resulting in hideous political apathy, and ammo for a media in whose interest it is to dismiss any kind of discussion of this sort of thing as “conspiracy theory”.

      People who play the race card cheapen real racism, and “truthers” cheapen real concerns about real conspiracies. You’ve done nothing about the burgeoning neo-apartheid white communities springing up in poor countries all over the world, nothing about the Vietnamese children being born with birth defects resulting from US-sprayed Agent Orange still pervading the surrounding ecosystem, nothing about bringing Henry Kissinger to justice for his open admission that he engineered a coup in Chile to replace a democratically-elected government with a fascist dictator who herded thousands of his own people into football stadia to systematically murder them.

      Before you run to the waiting arms of Icke & co., actually stop and take a look at the real problems around the world stemming from political and corporate manipulation. None of which involve Semitic Reptilians.

    • @Tom Ewing, what part of this society/system is NOT a conspiracy, should be the question???? It’s amazing how those who have existed in the SEWER-RAT SOCIETY since day1 don’t even smell the SHIT any more.

  52. And prey tell us Thomas what you have done about any of the worlds problems you mention, and if you were only half as intelligent you would be able to realise that you are only sending more people to the David Icke forum!

    Carry on sucking up to the Zionist Rothschilds!

    peace n love to you.

    • And what you have done? Discussing jewish and masonic conspiracy in a internet forum isn’t going to make the world a better place.

      • YES, it DOES make the world a better place b/c just MAYBE it WAKES UP stupid lemmings like yourself.

  53. bacofoil billy – you realise Tom Ewing was agreeing with you, right? Unless you were having a go at me, in which case I’d tell you no assertion you make concerning my intelligence is worth a shiny shit.

  54. Icke’s forum is funny. Not intentionally, but it is. I read it for the lulz. Stuart’s interjections are even funnier, and so close to home it brought them all running to call him nasty names again and again. Of course occasionally someone posts something interesting, generally a link to somewhere else 🙂

    • I’m just loving the fact that it’s jacked up Millard’s hit count to almost shameful levels, and the mongs still keep coming. Great work.

    • @callie, I am sure EVERYONE is so glad that you are AMUSED?!? I, for one would like to bend you over, and have my way with you. THAT amuses me! Is that OK with you? (;

  55. Funny how David Icke accused Saville of peadophillia in a published book decades ago and no one seems to quote that.

    Jon Ronson (yes he is jewish) made a documentary on Icke called The Lizards and the Jews. The subtext was that ol Icke was really saying Jews when he used the code word lizard. Ronson concluded that Icke really did believe lizards were in charge not jews.

    BUT the sneaky git has admitted that some lizards are posing as Jewish….oh and muslims, christians, atheists, etc.

    Saville was a freemason, your gonna tell me Barbara Bush was the daughter of Aleister Crowley next and she visited Saville and… oh hang on, wrong forum.

    • Rumours os Savile’s noncery were going around for decades, Icke didn’t expose anything, he only repeated the rumours. What is interesting about all that is that Icke said Savile only abused boys, when in reality he abused mostly girls. By the way, Icke’s accusation was made on the 90’s, not “decades”ago.

      • Funny that, Icke’s accusations only being about boys. Besides the antisemitism, the conspiracy world’s ripe with that kind of barely-veiled homophobia. The angry lists of ‘definite’ paedos and perverts on the Icke forums are essentially just lists of gay, or even camp, celebrities. In the Icke-follower mindset, homosexuality and perversion go hand in hand.

      • @may stoned! L0L Split hairs much …BITCH?

    • Jew/reptile, WTF is the difference again stevenson? If it walks like a duck….

  56. You can believe Jimmy Savile was guilty if you want. There’s been no trial though and I don’t think it’s really appropriate to judge a dead man like this.

  57. Troll piece that adds nothing to uncovering the truth, Icke isn’t perfect, but he is sincere and has done a lot of good work in raising awareness, wheras your smartass comments add exactly, well, you get the idea.

    • It’s not meant to add anything to “uncovering the truth”, whatever you think that is; it’s a humour piece, as Stuart is a writer, first and foremost. It’s only a “troll piece” to obnoxious dickhead “truthers” who persist in their delusion that they’re cleverer and better than everyone else and are doing anything meaningful to uncover any kind of real truth.

      • Hey Ben/JEW, ‘CLEVERER’??? I’ll bet pretty much EVERYONE is ‘cleverer’ L0L than YOU? (=

  58. The real problem over there is the hypocrisy; Icke will lament until his dying day how the Establishment screws over its minions, but put a foot wrong on his forums and his sycophantic mod-troopers come crashing down on you…er…just like the Establishment. Hilarious.

    I mean there are some good enlightened comments on Icke’s forum, don’t get me wrong. It has a very high membership, so statistically you are going to get a significant number of intelligent contributors. So just because 90% of what’s on there is perhaps conjecture too far, doesn’t mean we ought to knock the other 10%. Alter those percentages as you see fit. And some wacky theories do indeed come true. History and human nature tells us, conspiracies are indeed everywhere, it’s just they are probably a little more mundane than full-on, reptillian-theorizing Ickeians have us believe and we just get used to them as part of everyday life. Occasionally, you get a shocker that makes us stand up like Hillsborough…and…Hitler!

    And the libel? It’s everywhere on that forum. People don’t realise that as soon as Op Yewtree is over and the courts have flushed out the criminals the best way they can according to their laws, the unconvicted-rest will be sending their lawyers out on fishing trips, and armed with nets, trawling for nice juicy fat libel.

    Tell an Icke-moderator that and they put on their jack-boots and go gunning for you instead in a rather entertaining but insidiously secretive manner as they devour and remove the evidence that supports a complainant’s gripe. People only know when users have been sanctioned because mod-troopers assign a “temporaily suspended” dunces sign to their pseudonyms. You won’t know why a contributor has been “suicided”, because their right to reply has been disabled in a rather autocratic manner. Again, just another level of hypocrisy applied by their “Draco-like” mod-troopers.

    Behind the scenes, the Icke forum is just like the “Illuminati-led Zionist propaganda machine” they purport to oppose. It’s a shame because there are some good people on there who simply don’t trust what they’ve been told and are looking for some truth. And as pleb-gate shows us, whilst the truth is there somewhere, it’s often rather difficult to discern the wood from the trees in this often cloak-and-dagger world we live in.

    • The thing is it’s really not that difficult at all to get your hands on information concerning the dark underbelly of world politics and economics – there are so many books, magazines and articles on so many topics that one doesn’t need to jump to the Icke forums to find “truth”.

      For example, the recent publication, “Bad Pharma” by Ben Goldacre discusses and highlights how the pharmaceutical industry fucks over millions of patients every year because treating symptoms incompetently is more profitable than efficiently curing the cause. And it’s nowhere near the first ever work on the subject.

      Look up the publishing company, Zed Books, who have published extensive works on all sorts of subjects, such as: the underhanded dealings of the World Bank, World Trade Organisation and International Monetary Fund, sabotaging developing countries’ industry via economic pressure or through laws that only developed countries consented to, all to enable massive corporations to profit; the UK’s obsession with the arms industry, which actually costs the country £11bn every year from successive governments being economically blackmailed into propping up companies who without fail take massive orders from dictators and autocrats without making sure they pay first; post-colonial countries still suffering from economic imperialism enforced by conditioned cultural reflexes and mindsets; the plight of the Bhangis in India – an entire social stratum, part of the “Untouchable” non-caste whose job it is to dispose of sewage throughout the majority of the country, which has no sewer system, and who are subject to hideous human rights abuses on a daily basis.

      There are myriad problems plaguing this world that are in plain sight, and do not require digging or turning to the likes of Icke to for the real truth. Real conspiracies are actually not that well hidden; they just rely on people’s apathy, and the fanning of that apathy by the media and other cultural gatekeepers.

      • Very true. One of the best expositions of why we don’t need Ickean conspircacies to frighten ourselves with – the world has quite enough problems as it is. I would go further and say their self-made nightmares deflect from the real ‘dark underbelly’.

    • @All Icked Out, yes, the DIF is lousy with LIARS, SATANISTS, JEWS,MASONS, and the mods protect them. I was banned about 5 years ago, and this injustice made me investigate Icke a little more. Go to http://www.loveforlife.com.au Search Icke’s name on there. I have met Icke a few times, and he is a huge SNOB, and he really rubbed me the wrong way. My intuition was SCREAMING at me I reckon? The good people on loveforlife got the EXACT same vibe from Icke, who stayed with them way back when.

  59. Tadpoles are sperm, surely apt. Maybe some of the posters on Icke are “pissing in the whisky”, so to speak. Anyway, cheers, that photo of Savile reminds me of James “joker” Holmes.

  60. I don’t believe anything Icke says. Not even about Jimmy Savile.

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  62. No doubt the smug fuckwit who wrote this hilarious article is doing all he can to spread awareness of how we are being scammed and lied to by those we allow to rule us. Isn’t He? Nope, smug fuckwits sneer out recycled clichés from the Guardian or the Mail about those who actually ARE trying to spread awareness. All the clichés are there – the blanket accusation of anti-semitism, the hilarious jokes about lizards, the thick-headed amazement and idiotic sniggering at the notion that freemasonry and banking are not benign and working for the good of the people, congratulations, you’ve got them all in there, you inane snidey middle-class nob-end.

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    • Hi Winfred, W0W, you like the colors? I have a nice shiny new quarter for yah too. Just reach down into my front pocket son! No, a little deeper plz! LMAO

  70. Stuey, I stumbled across one of your other blogs trying to find this one. Talk of Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and other trivial SLOP? The Beach Diarrheas I think you named the book? L0L You seem to have a good knack for writing, and some wit. Too bad the topics are all USELESS LAMEstream SHITE though? Oh, and I am NOT an “anti-semite”. I am anti SCUMBAG, LYING, THIEVING,MURDERING, POS. Just b/c most Jews fall in that category is not my doing. I am just aware of their complicity. SoVile was a Jew also, like the majority in the “Bread and Circus” industry. Fuck, what a conciDENSE eh? You are a JEW also right? Or do you just OBEY, and SERVE them? If it walks like a duck……

    • No, definitely not an anti-semite. Not at all.


      Although interestingly, if you search for ‘russ hook hollowhoax’ on Google you’ll stumble across his email address, nick61@telus.net, and searching for THAT tells us that “russ” is really Nick Kennedy from Kelowna, British Columbia. Nick also seems to use the pseudonym “nickatnoon61”, which leads us to his match.com profile. Having much luck with the ladies on there, Nick? I’m guessing not, or else you’d be too busy losing your virginity to spray your shit over the parts of the internet you stink up while you’re “recharging” from a couple of minutes spent over at xhamster.

      • Well, ‘anti-semite’ pretty much covers it then eh? L0L Can’t you come up with anything ORIGINAL?Notice how it is OK to say SATANIST, ZIONIST, FREEMASON, but as soon as the word JEW is used the ADL agents come out of the woodwork??? BTW, a SEMITE is of Arabic descent. I am NOT anti-arabic, just anti KHAZAR-POS!

  71. I note that the term POS has been used repeatedly in this comments thread without explanation, and can only assume that it stands for “Protestant Overlord Saville”.

    It appears, however, that he was Catholic.

    (And also, as a figure in the media, clearly Jewish.)

    Father Jack would tell us that this is an ecumenical matter, but I’m honestly not so sure.

  72. […] I am, yet all the while, these words were right in front of my eyes, in the comment section of the piece I wrote about David Icke and Jimmy Savile. I feel pretty stupid that I didn’t think of this before. Eat your heart out, Paul Ross, […]

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  76. […] * Jimmy Savile and David Icke, All the Pieces Matter […]

  77. […] * Jimmy Savile and David Icke — All The Pieces Matter […]

  78. […] Conspiracy was a blend of underrated 80′s schlock Society and the sort of schizo conspiracy stuff I’ve written about before, albeit with less droolingly aggressive anti-Semitism. That’ll be because the Jews run […]

  79. […] premier league for sexual deviants and Watkins is the latest pretender to the throne, chasing necro-nonce King Saville‘s number one spot at the top of a table littered with cum-soaked […]

  80. The yellow lettering makes it incredibly difficult to read. Gave up due to this.


  82. Tie me kangaroo down sport!

    Wasn’t David Icke the guy who woke up one day to realise that he was Jesus Christ – even though Jesus Christ never played football and wasn’t a very good goal keeper?

  83. […] This post about the crazy, mostly anti-Semitic theories from David Icke’s followers about the …, lead to almost two years of hilarious abuse from conspiracy mentalists, over hundreds of comments, emails and tweets. Although I did turn that abuse into publicity. […]

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  85. Hey, cool, you mentioned me. :p

  86. Are they anti-semites because of old preconceptions or because of all they’ve seen or read fits the billing?

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