The Beach Diaries 2012 — Complete Kindle Collection


Yes, the only book that’s taken longer to come out than Pete Townshend’s is finally here.

This is the complete collection from last summer, plus a bunch of final chapters that never made it as far as the blog, and a stack of deleted scenes; yours to carry around and keep forever. There won’t be another set of Beach Diaries, at least in print (unless there’s a sudden huge demand), so you should probably savour these and buy them immediately. Or, if you don’t care how it all finished, but still dug the free blog posts, all 30-odd-thousand words of them, prove it *smacks fist into palm menacingly*. And for those of you who spent last summer asking me if I’d seen him yet, the ballad of Big Shirtless Ron reaches its conclusion inside, as his fate is revealed.

If you don’t own a Kindle, Amazon do a FREE app for PC, Mac, phones and tablets. Here are the links to the book:

The Beach Diaries 2012 on Amazon UK, £2.99

The Beach Diaries 2012 on, $3.99

If you’re not au fait with the Beach Diaries, 2011’s collection will bring you up to speed. Here it is on, and Amazon UK, and obviously if you click on my name, you’ll see all the other stuff I’ve put out over the years.

And as always, spread the good word. If you dig it, let people know, and if you’ve got a few minutes to leave a review and a rating on Amazon, a post on your blog, or a link and a kind word on Twitter, that would be tremendous too. Us “indie” authors are just standing here with our dicks swinging in the wind, and our success entirely depends on that kinda thing. Also, this is the last Kindle book I’m going to do, for the foreseeable future at least. I hope that doesn’t read like emotional blackmail (“Buy my book or I retire!”), but I’m so burned on the whole process, compiling this was a slog like no other, and I just want to concentrate on screenwriting from now on, so if you all wanted to buy a million copies between you, now’s the time. Alright, cheers, and go get ’em.


~ by Stuart on March 5, 2013.

7 Responses to “The Beach Diaries 2012 — Complete Kindle Collection”

  1. Yeah, finally. Thanks for putting this out.

  2. Hi

    Will this be coming out on Itunes library too?


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  5. […] will continue to do so until every one of you swines and ten of your friends have bought a copy, I’ve got a new book out. I’ve also been over how shameful and wretched the selling part is when you’ve got a […]

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