Hear What the Critics are Saying

It seems I was a mite hasty in chucking in this indie publishing lark. I bemoaned the lack of celebrity endorsements, luring in readers with a pithy quote about how great I am, yet all the while, these words were right in front of my eyes, in the comment section of the piece I wrote about David Icke and Jimmy Savile. I feel pretty stupid that I didn’t think of this before. Eat your heart out, Paul Ross, because these are notices to make my mother proud, and my bank manager start priapically grinding against my leg.


















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~ by Stuart on May 15, 2013.

6 Responses to “Hear What the Critics are Saying”

  1. Jewrika!

  2. Hip hip jew-ray!

  3. Great comments, Jew guys!

  4. When a conspiracy theorist calls you smug and useless, doesn’t that cause a black hole due to the level of irony it creates?

    I’m pretty CERN are testing that these days.

  5. […] You may have noticed the comment section here is a little… aggressive. I’ve handily made some of these quotes into cover blurbs for my books. […]

  6. […] This post about the crazy, mostly anti-Semitic theories from David Icke’s followers about the life and death of Jimmy Savile, lead to almost two years of hilarious abuse from conspiracy mentalists, over hundreds of comments, emails and tweets. Although I did turn that abuse into publicity. […]

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