So Excited, So Scared

In the wake of my lazy, and successful kickstarter, it’s time to announce the hottest product to hit the streets since Buddy Bands.

Announcement Small

There’s a tentative release date of around November, but you’ll hopefully be able to pre-order it within the next six weeks. Content-wise, expect a super detailed history of the show’s inception and production, and what happened to each of the important players after it finished airing. The centerpiece of So Excited, So Scared is the breakdown of each of Saved by the Bell‘s 86 episodes. As I’ve found out to my own sleep deprivation, these are an absolutely monstrous cultural landscape to traverse, taking on all the catchphrases and quirks you remember as a kid, but with elements that only become apparent through adult eyes; like television’s worst ever amoral sociopath, plagiarised character traits, unending attempts by the writers to bring down leftie feminism, and a behind the scenes clique that makes its presence felt onscreen. Of course, there will also be dick jokes. I’ll also be taking on SBTB‘s bewildering attitude to continuity, which seemingly expands into full-on Many Worlds quantum theory by season four.

I’m not covering the TV movies or College Years (or Miss Bliss and The New Class), but may tackle the former in a sequel if this were to do well enough. If you’re curious about the tone, I’d suggest you check out my latest book, Smoke & Mirrors and Steven Seagal, which treads a similar pop-culture path, and I highly recommend, because I don’t want to starve to death before I publish this thing, which is a real possibility.

If you’re on Twitter, give @BaysideForever a follow, as I’ll be posting an absolute ton of SBTB stuff on there over the coming months, and of course, check out my current book here:

Smoke & Mirrors and Steven Seagal on

Smoke & Mirrors and Steven Seagal on

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Apparently this is the 250th post on my blog. Go Bayside!


~ by Stuart on August 19, 2014.

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  2. Used a quote from Aliens to drop a shill for this into someone else’s conversation.
    I feel it’s probably going to be the proudest moment of my day.

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