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In the summer of 1962, a flurry of monster sightings at the famous Loch inspire a group of volunteers to band together and keep watch on its waters.

That’s more of a log-line than a blurb, but I want to take advantage of serialising and reveal surprises to the audience at my own pace.

Men of the Loch is a Patreon exclusive at the $5 level, and at least for a couple of years, the only place you’ll be able to read it is there. It’ll be a full-length novel, and I’m aiming to post a new chapter roughly every 10 days, the same as Jangle and the $3 pieces.

Tonally, this is a lot lighter than my most recent stuff, if you want a bit of a breather from the unrelenting bleakness. When I conceived of the idea, I’d been watching a lot of Mackenzie Crook’s fantastic BBC sitcom Detectorists, and after dragging readers through the pissy gutters with murderers and vampire-paeds, I wanted to give them a group of characters they’d enjoy spending time with.

That said, this is the final part of my unofficial ‘Evil Men trilogy’ of books inspired by real-life shits, following works about Manson and Savile, and given the setting, you can probably figure out the central bad sod without too much trouble. If I’m including Jangle, then Men of the Loch is my tenth book. I should probably take that as a point of pride, but I’m finding it to be a profoundly depressing statistic.

Obviously it will be out in paperback and on Kindle eventually (almost certainly in 2020), but $5 folks will get first dibs by a mile, and it’ll be exclusive on Patreon until long after it’s completed. Hopefully, when it is published to the general public, I’ll be able to throw paperback copies in as a perk, but I’m still keeping that to a ‘hopefully’ and not a definite, as I’ll need to have picked up way more patrons by then for that to be financially viable, and I don’t want to renege on a promise.

Forteana has been woven through my work since the beginning, so I’m relishing finally being able to go all-in. Loch Ness especially is a topic I’ve wanted to write about forever, and I’m really excited to have people read it. If you haven’t already, hit that $5 subscription, where the first part will be posted soon, and there’s already tons of content. Or if you’d just like to aid in its creation, then you can do so for as little as $1 a month. Your support literally allows me to keep writing.



~ by Stuart on September 4, 2018.

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