VHS:WTF – Barrymore’s Best Bites

Barrymore Month draws to a close with a 30-min video essay, examining the big man through his own selection of hand-picked favourite moments. One particular song is very much not awright.

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~ by Stuart on July 27, 2021.

One Response to “VHS:WTF – Barrymore’s Best Bites”

  1. Ah no! What seemed charming, entertaining and amusing a quarter of a century ago is now unwatchable and embarrassingly dated. The interview with Georgina Ellis is especially badly judged; she was clearly a troubled, vulnerable woman hapless by tragic circumstances and should not have been featured as a foil for Barrymore’s brand of clowning which was totally inappropriate; he was tainted by scandal not long afterwards, and his comic persona and style here appears both repetitive and somewhat spiteful to guests and members of the public alike. It would be better not to see it any further.

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