Exorcising Ghostwatch


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Smoke & Mirrors and Steven Seagal on Amazon UK (£2.99)

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~ by Stuart on October 14, 2013.

6 Responses to “Exorcising Ghostwatch”

  1. I did a dirty, filthy big LOL at “alright, Pipes mate?” Good job, fella.

  2. Reblogged this on Tales From The Cynical Side and commented:
    A brilliant piece about Ghostwatch. Top top stuff.

  3. […] * Exorcising Ghostwatch […]

  4. […] * Exorcising Ghostwatch […]

  5. […] In a previous piece on here, I spoke about the term ‘Hauntology’ — think, the innate creepiness in the visuals of the past; brown wallpaper and public information films of 1970′s Britain — and A Field in England has one of the most overpowering senses of hauntology in many a year. There’s something inherently unsettling about that Civil War era, of Matthew Hopkins putting innocent women to the stake, and crop failure ascribed to the meddling hand of the Devil himself. In a time period where modern religion has yet to sweep away Pagan earth-worship with superstitions of its own, it’s a distinctly British mysticism tackled by Field, of ancient nature and countryside, and hallucinogens that grow underfoot, where Pan stalks between stone circles, prancing his cloven feet down ley lines. […]

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