Jim Davidson’s Adult Pantos: Closing the Cursed Trilogy

[Part I: SinderellaPart II: Boobs in the Wood]

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~ by Stuart on January 21, 2021.

6 Responses to “Jim Davidson’s Adult Pantos: Closing the Cursed Trilogy”

  1. […] [Part II: Boobs in the Wood — Part III: Closing the Cursed Trilogy] […]

  2. […] [Part I: Sinderella — Part III: Closing the Cursed Trilogy] […]

  3. When is your new video gonna be up?

  4. […] big with you….” Out comes Dave Lee, who you may recognise as one of the main culprits in Jim Davidson’s mucky pantos. But eight years before Sinderella, and with a strictly family audience, there’ll be no gags […]

  5. […] I did eventually clear my plate of Jim Davidson’s rancid old trilogy of Christmas cum jokes, what kind of pop culture historian would I be without taking a header into […]

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