Saturday Morning Archaeology: Saturday Superstore

A dense 23 mins, my latest video essay takes in frustrated rockstar Mike Read, the role of Saturday morning shows as analogue social media, and the wistful sight of David Icke laughing with friends.

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~ by Stuart on June 28, 2021.

4 Responses to “Saturday Morning Archaeology: Saturday Superstore”

  1. The Five Star segment is hilarious what the kid says.

  2. Ah yes, Mike Read, whose magical stage musical “Oscar Wilde” closed after precisely one night after selling the grand total of five tickets, with his four issued singles combined probably selling even less than that number, one of them ironically titled “Tell Me I’m Wrong”, released just two months after the above programme was broadcast. His infamous “UKIP Calypso”, planned as a single release in 2014, was cancelled after he was forced to apologise for causing offence by singing obviously extreme right Nationalist-type lyrics in a cod Jamaican accent that even made Jim Davidson’s similar vocal expertise in his version of “White Christmas” (get it?) seem a paragon of racially tolerant virtue in comparison.

    • And that’s without even mentioning my favourite Read moment; the onstage interview with Chevy Chase. 3,000 people at the Hammersmith Apollo witnessing Ready witter on at the already-notoriously-prickly Chase about hemorrhoids and tennis, and of course, getting the guitar out, before storming off because someone heckled “Read, you’re a twat!”

      That’s my ‘if you had a time machine, where would you go?’

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